Weight loss can be a very serious problem especially if you are a person who cannot stay true to exercise routines. There are several ways to lose weight without going through the strenuous process of exercise routines, using flax seeds is one of them.

Flax seeds are strange to a whole lot of people, so let me quickly explain what they are. Flax seeds are simply seeds of the flax plant, they are tiny and amber or brown in color having a very distinct smell. They have been used for several years in the Middle East and they are also known as linseeds. Initially they were used in treating animals having gut infections but with research, humans started to use them to solve various health complications, majorly because their high omega-3 fatty acid content.

The best way to use flax seeds for weight loss

Though the seeds are very tiny, it is best to grind or mill them when they are to be used for weight loss purposes. This is because it is easier for the human body to absorb the seeds in their ground form, and the more they are absorbed, the faster and more potent the process. You also do not need to consume so much to achieve your desired weight because they are packed with nutrients even though they are so small in size. There are also flax seed capsules which you can use but they are only advised for those who cannot consume the flax seeds in their ground state.


Apple, flax seeds and milk smoothie

  1. A tablespoon of ground flax seeds
  2. Half an apple
  3. A cup of milk
  4. One date
  1. Chop the date and the apple and blend.
  2. Add the milk to the mix and blend further.
  3. Add the flax seeds and stir properly then pour yourself a glass.


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