How To Turn Grey Hair Into Black Permanently Naturally

how to turn grey hair into black permanently naturally

Depending on the individual, grey hairs might be a serious nightmare, especially in young women as they believe it to reduce their beauty. The phenomenon occurs when the melanocytes around the hair follicles reduce their melanin production or in some cases, stop producing at all. Continue reading to learn how to turn grey hair into black permanently naturally.

Hair is formed from a protein known as keratin, consequently it receives its dark color from injection of melanin to the hair cortex by the melanocytes found at the base of the hair follicle. Ordinarily without melanin, keratin is yellowish grey in color, that is why once melanin production and injection reduces or stops, the hair begins to grey.

At this point we should ask a critical question, what causes the reduction in melanin production? There are several reasons for this reduction, most of them are natural such as aging, genetics, changes in the body’s natural chemistry. Other causes could be extrinsic like dietary factors, stress, etc. and all these are treatable. Others include the use of chemical hair products especially shampoos and conditioners, these are known to contain some amount of ammonia which may be harmful to the hair. It is therefore advised to make use of natural or herbal hair products instead of the chemical ones. A factor which is quite difficult to avoid or evade is pollution.

Natural remedies for grey hair

I always say that natural remedies are better and cheaper to use, in fact they are healthier as they do not contain harmful chemicals which could be detrimental to the health of the individual. Join me as we take a brief look at different natural remedies to grey hair and how to prepare and apply them.
1. Using black tea. This is a great remedy for premature grey hair. There are two ingredients for this remedy and they are stated below:
a. Two table spoons of black tea leaves
b. Water.


a. Boil the tea leaves in water for a period of time.
b. When the tea has brewed to your taste, allow to cool down to room temperature.
c. Strain the mixture to separate the liquid from the tea.
d. Apply to the hair by the use of a spray bottle. Leave for an hour or two then wash off. Do not use shampoo.
2. Coconut oil mixed with lemon juice. The ingredients of this remedy are simple ones that you can find in your kitchen. It is recommended to be use twice a week for soft and black hair, it helps to slow down the greying process significantly.


a. Three table spoons of lemon juice, preferably fresh.
b. Coconut oil.
a. Mix both ingredients in a bowl till you have a consistent and uniform mixture.
b. Massage the mixture into the scalp then comb the hair entirely to allow every part of the hair to be touched by the mixture.
c. Allow to stay for on for an hour.
d. Wash off with a mild shampoo or soap.
There are several other remedies on how to turn grey hair into black permanently naturally which are well efficient to bring back the dark color to your hair and make it as beautiful as it originally was.


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