Football is a sport that is in a class of its own, for many years it has been the most watched and followed sport on the globe. Are you thinking what I am thinking? This is a huge resource that can be tapped into for profit. Nigerians are ardent football lovers and they are regarded as fans of some of the most popular football clubs in the world. Despite Nigerians love for the game, not everyone has access to cable television, this is where the opportunity lies. You can make as much as ten thousand naira per match on the average, do you want to know how?

What you need to start

For the sake of this article, I will stay with starting a medium scale viewing center, here is what you need:

Feasibility study and business plan

You might ask why this for this simple business, well it is always necessary to have a business plan, it acts as a map that leads your business in the right direction. It will also give you a picture of how much capital you need and how much profit you will be making.

Securing your business site

Your venue in this business is key, the place should be comfortable for your clients, accessible to them and very secure. Where the business is sited will determine the kind of crowd you will attract and that will determine how much money will be made.

Furnish the venue

You will need at least two to four television sets, preferably flat screens, fans or air conditioning, comfortable seats, cable television decoders, etc. All these are necessary to ensure that you provide optimal satisfaction which will yield you optimal profit.

Alternative power supply

We all know the condition of power in the country today, no one likes to watch a match halfway, especially when power outage is involved. Get a good generating set that will serve the purpose of supplying power when necessary.

In concluding, there is so much money to be made from this venture if you decide to invest in it.


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