How to Relieve Your Sore Feet


If you always have to battle foot pain at the end of every work day or play day, you are not alone. It happens to most people especially when you have to constantly be on the move. Be it work or travelling, working or whatever it is, moving around all day has a downside which is a tired and sore feet. A long day of walking around or traveling will definitely take its toll on your feet.
Thankfully, you will get the solution to your feet problems here as we will show you, through this article , the causes and ways to relieve your sore feet.

Common Causes of Sore Feet
• Abnormal foot anatomy: Common problems include flat feet, an excessively high arch, and arthritis or joint restriction can cause aching or sore feet
• Obesity: Carrying excess weight can result in increased strain on ligaments, muscles, and joints.
• Pregnancy: In addition to the stress caused by increased weight, pregnancy hormones can cause the ligaments that stabilize your feet to relax. These two factors together result in excess strain on your feet.
• Poorly fitting shoes: if you are really invested in keeping foot care away, you must do all you can to wear the right shoe shape and size. Always keep in mind that your footwear needs may change as you age since your feet often change over the years. For instance, if tendons and ligaments lose elasticity and stretch, you may need a larger shoe size. Or you may develop a bunion or hammertoes and need a wider shoe. A sloppy (too roomy) fit is also bad, overworking your muscles as your feet shift around in the shoe and increasing the risk of blisters and black toenails. Another footwear faux pas: shoes that are lacking in support and cushioning, which can leave your feet feeling fatigued and sore.
• Overuse: Increased walking or standing, especially when combined with other contributing factors, can cause even the healthiest feet to become sore. Also, walking or standing on hard surfaces, such as concrete, can stress your feet. This can be a problem for those who stand all day at work or are generally on their feet for long periods of time.

How to Relieve Sore Feet after Walking All Day

Stretch Your Feet

One of the best ways on how to relieve your feet from pain is to stretch your muscles. You can perform a two-minute stretch beginning from the tip of your toes up to your legs.
As a finishing move, you can push your feet against a wall in order to get that long, final stretch.

Put Them Up

There have been recommendations by people that elevating or putting your tired feet up can help prevent them from swelling. Not only that, it also helps to facilitate faster healing of your muscles. To that effect, it is highly expedient you put your feet up at a 30 degree angle from your head. You can prop it up on your stack of pillows at night while sleeping or on your suitcase while reading.

Foot Massage

Getting a foot massage is one of the best ways to alleviate your tired and pained sore feet. That way, chances of waking up with sore feet are very slim. You can easily book in for a professional foot massage at a resort or hotel, but if this is not within your budget, there is one you can give your feet a thorough massage. All you need to do is, get a small ball or any hard round object and roll it under, at the top and sides of your foot up to your ankles.
By doing this, you’re able to break up the tiny fascia and muscles that have tightened up due to nonstop walking.
You have probably heard of the benefits of the foot bath and now is the perfect time for you to take advantage of it.
Put warm water in a bowl and add some of your favorite essential oils to it. These oils will help soothe the soreness in your feet, and it can cure a whole lot of other feet problems too. Heel that pain.
Some of the essential oils that you can use include tea tree oil (anti-fungal and antiseptic), lavender (calming and soothing), peppermint, chamomile and eucalyptus (refreshing).

Dip Them

You can dip your feet in some of your favorite essential oils to alleviate foot ache. However, if you don’t have any essential oils with you, you can go for your basic hot or cold water foot bath. All you need to do is place warm water in one bowl and cold water in the other. Dip your leg in hot water for 3 minutes, and then switch to cold water.
This may appear basic to you, but this simple move can open up and close the veins in your feet, which in turn promotes circulation. Good circulation can help relieve your sore and aching feet.

Wear Compression Socks

Another easy yet very effective way you can alleviate foot pain is by wearing compression socks. Just like warm and cold foot bath, when you wear compression socks, it gets blood pumping and reaching your foot areas.
Another idea you should consider when you are walking long distances and hiking is linear socks. Linear socks help manage moisture and friction, giving your feet an additional layer of comfort.

Choose Comfortable Shoes

You have a lot of options, especially when it comes down to alleviating or managing your sore feet, especially while travelling or if you have a job that requires manual mobility. These options should help you prevent foot pain before it even happens.
Therefore, if you want to prevent or even minimize foot pain in your daily activities or while traveling, you must choose shoes that you’ll be comfortable wearing while walking. That way, it is easier for you to walk around, stand for a long time if need be, and also work smart.
Try to avoid very high heels as they have negative impact on your knee tendons and ligaments. Avoiding this will prevent heel pain when you wake up in the morning.


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