How to properly clean your make up


One of the biggest mistake women make when it comes to removing their makeup is their tight handedness with their makeup removal products. You should be soaking cotton pads or wool with eye makeup remover, and use enough cleanser on your face.

This means that, in order to rid your face of all the makeup on your face properly, you might have to be more generous with your makeup removal products.

Another mistake is how you rub your eye area in a bid to remove makeup. You are not to rub viciously, remember the skin around your eye is very delicate. Instead, you should pat carefully around that area.
Also, you tend to ignore your hairline and under your jaw line when you wash your face. This is important especially as you wear foundation and sometimes, you contour the areas around your hair and jaw line.

Here are some tips that can help you clean your makeup off completely

Take Your Time

When it involves removing your makeup, especially your eye makeup, you have to take it really easy and slow. Apply the makeup remover and leave it for a couple of minute so it can settle on your face. It will soften your mascara, liner and shadows so it can easily slip off when you finally wipe it off. If you follow this process, you won‘t wake up to find smudges under your eyes.

Giving the remover time to work its magic also stops you from having to scrub with your makeup-remover pad, which as has been stated earlier is a big mistake, since friction can cause damage to your skin (especially if your skin is delicate), around your eyes, causing irritation and contributing to premature aging.

Flat Cotton Pads are Better than Cotton Balls

Cotton balls can leave behind residue or break down during usage and leave fibers on your lashes or skin. These residues left can easily lead to irritation and give you the exactly reverse of what you aimed to achieve when you used them in the first place. Instead of cotton balls, you can easily opt for flat cotton pads, especially ones with a quilted texture. You can also opt for the basic drugstore pad

Always Follow Up Makeup Removal with Moisture

Whether your skin be dry or oily or sensitive, makeup removal should always be followed with at least targeted moisture. For instance, if you remove your lipstick, you can apply lip balm to avoid chapped lips, and when you remove your eye makeup, you can dab on eye cream.

When you remove your makeup, your skin is left out to dry out mostly around the eye area. This is why you need to keep it soft and hydrated. And this is only obtainable when you moisturize your skin.

Soap and Water Works Better than Makeup Wipes

Wipes are your go- to especially on nights where you are completely spent after a hectic day. But deep down, you do know that makeup wipes are not enough when compared to soap and water. It can remove your makeup, but using water and soap to wash your face helps remove residues and also rev your skin up for a good regimen.
If you use only wipes and then apply moisturizer, you might push dirt into your pores and wake up with pimples or blackheads.“

Use a Cleanser Made to Remove Makeup

You might fall under the category of women who use face wash not made to remove makeup. If you do, you should look for cleansing oil or balm that is tailored to serve this purpose. These balms are more effective at wheedling off even the most stubborn makeup like your liquid lipsticks, brow pigments and stay-put foundations.

You are probably wondering how a cleansing oil or balm can remove your makeup especially as they are oil based and most of your makeup products are oil based too. What you probably don‘t know is that oil dissolves oil. These oil cleansers can work miracles on your skin. But if you can’t stand the feel of oil cleansers, you should try milky and gel textures as good alternatives..

Make sure to cleanse the edges of your eyelid

The edge of your eyes is very elusive, and is the most neglected area when you are removing your makeup. It is on this edge that your liner and mascara build up, and when ignored for a long time leads to eye irritation. This is mostly common if you tight-line your eyes with waterproof eyeliner or mascara, you might need to make get in there with a more targeted tool to get rid of every last speck.

When it comes to lashes falling out, you should avoid tugging mascara chunks off you‘re your fingers. To remove clumps of mascara off without harming your lashes, apply your remover and give it enough time to sit in (as stated earlier), press it down gently with a cotton pad, moving it slowly on your lashes. As you do this, your mascara slowly slides off.

Push Your Hair Back and Cleanse Your Hairline

We totally get it: When it‘s past midnight and your pillow beckons, even an easy step like throwing your hair into a pony can feel like too much effort. But not doing so means you’re likely stopping a couple inches short of your hairline when washing your face. People often accumulate makeup residue around their hairline, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Take the two seconds to tie it back or you can slip on your headband. Getting all the hair off your face is key to how to remove foundation from faces


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