How to organise your beauty tools/products


As a makeup junkie, sometimes you give little or no care to how you organize your skin care and beauty products. Some opt for makeup bags or boxes, others choose the medicine cabinet of their bathroom (that’s if your bathroom has any) while others have the luxury of a vanity.
Sometimes, we feel that as long as our brushes, face cream, eye shadow applicators and boxes are safe and in a protected environment, we have nothing to worry about. Beauty specialists have however, tried to explain that stuffing our products away in that manner can have some noticeable health hazards and can affect the hygiene of these tools and products. This is because, tools won’t function effectively; it can grow bacteria or mold or even cut you if it’s in the case of sharp instruments like razor blade, when you don’t store them properly.

Much like anything you apply on your body, being mindful of ingredients and how they’re compromised with exposure to different elements may help you to understand the best TLC strategy. The moisture, sunlight and temperature all affect a product’s efficacy. For instance, a product with vitamin C when exposed to sunlight will lose its effectiveness, or any product with acidic pH can be jeopardized if water is spilled on it. A retinoid could also decrease its effectiveness if it’s exposed to the sun for too long.
To keep your products or tools in a healthy, dermatologist-approved way, here are some pointers to help you keep them safe and out of harm’s way.


Serums might be one of the cheapest of all the skin care products you invest in, but they are like the most susceptible to elements. This is mainly because, Vitamins C tend to degrade when exposed to light, and also oxidizes when exposed to air. Therefore, to increase the life span of your Vitamin C serum, it should be tightly shut band kept in the fridge.
Your retinol also should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You can keep it in your medicine cabinet if you have any.

Moisturizers and eye creams

Just like serum, other facial liquid products are also susceptible to elements, and can hence be easily impacted. That is why you should ensure that anything you apply on your pores must be kept daily away from sunlight or any warm place at all. Leaving them in warm places especially in an open container can cause infection and contamination, mostly when applied close to the eye.
Therefore, for safe-keeping and for the extra benefit of having that soothing, cooling effect, endeavor to place your eye cream in the fridge or any other really cool place.

Makeup tools like brushes or sponges

In the case of makeup tools like brushes, foams, blenders and foams, it is more about how yoyu clean them than where you keep them. If you don’t clean your makeup tools and brushes as often as possible or you let them sit in wet products, you make a viable breeding ground for bacteria and mold. These tools, when used on your face can result in breakouts, infections, irritation, clogged pores and the likes. And this can readily affect your makeup.
So, if you can’t recall the last time you took care of your makeup tools, you should definitely give it a thorough wash, and also make it a point of duty to wash them at least once every week. After that, you keep them in a cool dry place.

Hairstyling tools and brushes

Most times, we forget to pull out the hair from our brush after we have used it. But this is not very hygienic. Cleaning out our brushes every day after brushing helps protect our hairs and ourselves generally from the lingering bacteria that could have stayed over from previous washes. This is because, your hair is good at retaining organisms and products, and you certainly do not want that getting back into your cleanly washed hair.
After you’ve pulled out the hairs, you store your tools in a cool, dry place (especially the electric tools as water can have adverse effects on them)

Liquid makeup

Most often than not, when we are in a hurry to meet up with something or somebody, we tend to forget to close our liquid makeup, hence, causing it to get concentrated and become darker in shade.
Also, it is important you keep tinted liquid formulas in the right temperature. For instance, when this formula is exposed to sunlight, it can thicken to a point where it can be used, or it can separate, become greasy without pigment, and if it’s too cold, it can freeze. This is why you must consider the products like these as the goldilocks of beauty essentials and at such, should be kept in a temperature that’s suitable for it.

Powder makeup

Unlike liquid makeup, powder makeup doesn’t pose so much of a problem. All you need to do is ensure that your powder is kept in a dry place.
The only issue you could probably have is if your friend or partner bumps your powder makeup into the sink, or accidentally dipping a wet brush or sponge into your powder container, adding moisture and making it clumpy. Pressed powder is also fragile; a little mishap could send it crumbling into pieces and turn the insides of your purse into a powdery mess. Instead, zip it up and store away for whenever anyone is around who might not be as careful as you are.

Nail polish

To extend the shelf life of your favorite nail polish, by all cost, develop the habit of always keeping it away from heat. It also ensure that your beloved shade doesn’t eventually dry out. Leaving your nail polish out in a hot place can cause the components of the polish to separate, making it less effective. A viable place to store them is in your closet or even under the sink in your bathroom


Notice that almost all the products listed are viable to damage when left in a hot place, it applies to even some products we didn’t name. If you imbibe these, your products will never be in harm’s way.


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