Instagram as you know it is a social media platform which was designed with the aim of sharing photos and short video clips with friends and loved ones. Fast forward to today and Instagram is one of the most potent marketing tools which generates loads of income for business owners who know their way around the app and effectively use it to reach their target market. The question most entrepreneurs new to Instagram keep asking is, “how can I begin to make money from this platform?” Or, “is it possible to grow my business and make money on Instagram?” This article promises to provide you with as much detail as possible on how to make money from your Instagram account.

The business potential of Instagram

Looking at how fast Instagram has grown within the short period of its existence you will agree with me that the figures are staggering and jaw dropping. It is practically catching up with Facebook, by the day more users are joining the platform. Presently Instagram stands at a little above 800 million users monthly, out of which 500 million are active on a daily basis. There are about 2 million advertisers monthly and 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. The time spent on Instagram is known to increase at the rate of 80% per year and at least 45% to 50% of Instagram users visit the app every hour during the day.

Success stories

Learning from other people’s experience makes life easier for us and in this case, it will make you earn earlier and faster. There are several applications that already connect to Instagram seamlessly which make business using the app easier to run, some of them include shopify, Facebook, twitter, etc.

BeardBrand is a business which started with $30 but have grown using Instagram that they were featured on the New York Times.

RadLime Shop sells out their products within less than 24 hours of putting them up, they have grown to over 1 million followers and counting.

Requirements for succeeding on Instagram

For every app there are laid down rules on usage and following these guarantees outstanding success. Asides these people come up with tactics for optimal promotion which are bound to yield good profit, thus it is expedient that you follow most of these if you plan to succeed on the app.

  1. The two types of Instagram accounts. There are basically two types of Instagram accounts, which are personal and business. Shopify is linked to the business account, you can visit shopify to get more info on this.
  2. Understand how the app links to other e-commerce apps.
  3. Understand the do’s and don’ts of the app.
  4. Understand photography and filters.
  5. Create posts based on the content you want to promote and your target audience.
  6. Use InstaStories.

Building a strong following on Instagram

Building a strong followership on Instagram is key to the growth of your business. Most people ask the question, when should I build my followership, before or after? My answer is, “both.” Here is how to build your followership:

  1. Optimize your profile.
  2. Create a dedicated hashtag for your product or service and promote it.
  3. Use creative hashtags that are related to your niche.
  4. Participate in conversations which have a relationship with what you do and your target audience.
  5. Use attractive captions.
  6. Run contests and effectively promote them.
  7. Post often.
  8. Relate well with other influencers in your niche.
  9. Develop a unique style.
  10. Make use of Instagram sponsored ads to reach more people.

Doing business, making money on Instagram

Instagram works well with clear photos and products that are attractive when photographed, working with this medium will mean your business will grow very fast. Here are a few tips on making money on Instagram:

  1. Sell dropshipped products using shopify. Sufficient research will help with this.
  2. Start to influence communities and start making money from sponsored ads.
  3. Start selling other people’s products, affiliate marketing.
  4. Sell your own products.

Making money on Instagram requires a lot of promotion and strategy, that is what stands you out from the crowd.


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