How to Lose Belly Fat Without Workout

Getting a flat bellu
A flat belly

When you hear ‘lose belly fat’ , a gym first comes to mind. It is normal to think that working out is the only way to achieve a belly that rocks. It does take a lot of patience and determination to finally get your dream belly, especially if your belly currently looks like a filled sack. There’s good news however – there are other ways to shed the belly fat without sweating and having your bones ache.
If you think you can get by just sucking it in to fit in a hot gown or skinny jeans, how long would you do that for before you get worn out? What if it just keeps getting worse with time as you keep doing nothing about it? Same goes for settling with girdles and other temporary helps. It’s time to begin thinking long-term, how to fix the problem once and for all

Below are tips on how to lose belly fatThese tricks are easy to follow and do not involve so much. You just have to be patient and disciplined as you will eventually lose weight generally . Some of them are surprising, but it’s all part of learning, right? Here goes :

Cut Down On The Salt 

It is true that salt is needful for a healthy heart and an effective brain  When you take a lot of salt however, you get bloated. This is likely what causes your belly to stick out the way it is does. You probably are not even aware how much salt you are taking in. The processed foods you consume, for example, contains salt in large amounts. So, essentially, the size of your belly might be the way it currently is from retaining so much water. To reduce this, cut down on your salt intake. There would be a visible reduction in the size of your belly, for sure. Cutting down on your salt intake would mean eating no more than six grams a day. Remember  you’ll be needing discipline to get your dream belly, this is one way to put on the discipline hat. One way to do this is to keep the salt shaker away while eating. Also try using natural sea salt or kosher salt, it is lower in its  sodium quantity.

Quick One: I use this waist trimmer belt to get a flat belly. I put it on first thing in the morning and remove it after 3 to 4 hours, wearing it up to 8 hours a day will give better result.

Stay Away From Alcohol 

There are lots of reasons you shouldn’t take so much alcohol. It contains so much carbon and so much sugar, which is not healthy and can lead to bloating. Alcohol also causes digestive problems – this could also lead to bloating. The growth of unhealthy bacteria in the stomach could be accelerated with alcohol, this leads to a lot of gas in the stomach. You will even notice a significant increase in your belly after having a few drinks. Calories are also consumed in the alcohol, empty calories which end up going straight to the waistline. If you love alcohol, this is a call to reduce or completely avoid your alcohol consumption. Your belly will be grateful to you for it.

Skip Processed Foods

It has already been mentioned before that processed foods contain way too much salt. They contain salt, in very huge amounts, the pasta, the soups, meat, chips, crackers, white bread and a host of other foods which in the end leads to bloating. Apart from the salt content, they also cause inflammations. Belly fat is closely associated with inflammation. If you want to keep away inflammations, then it basically means you want to keep away from processed food, they will affect the ability of your belly to shed off some fat. ln place of processed food, go for natural foods like fruit and vegetables ,whole grains too. Whole gains are especially important as they contain properties that combat inflammation, thus preventing belly fat.

Laugh As Often As Possible 

Weird advice, right? For sure. You actually will be shocked how much you can benefit from laughing. Apart from all the health benefits of laughter, it apparently improves your abs. You see, when you laugh, you unconsciously exercise the muscles of your stomach. Laughter yoga classes even exist, this reflects how beneficial laughter is to the body. Laugh more often!

Chew Less Gum

Gum is beneficial for maintaining fresh breath and stifling cravings  but it unfortunately  has unwanted side effects. One of it is bloating. We all take in small amounts of air when we chew food, but with gum, a larger amount of air is swallowed, leading to bloating.  Gum contains sugar alcohol as well, which causes inflammation and can trigger your appetite for junk  This way, your belly suffers from potential stuffing with calories and bloating from air.

Note: You can control your calories by controlling your portions. This product here has helped many people like you control their portions for 21 days straight and get amazing results.

Drink A Lot of Water 

The importance of drinking water cannot be overemphasized. It has no side effects and guarantees fat loss. When the body is dehydrated, you could become bloated from the body trying to retain as much water as it can to function effectively. When water is taken often, however, the body is told that it can let go of the extra water, thereby reducing the bloating effect. Taking lots of water also reduces appetite and sweet cravings as it satiates you.

Get Good Sleep 

The effects of lack of sleep are numerous – one of them is weight gain. Study shows that just thirty minutes less sleep can cause significant weight gain. Worse, the weight gain usually goes straight to the stomach and affects the waistlines. We have become so caught up in lots of activities and are getting less and less sleep everyday that we keep gaining more weight. It is advised that you consciously aim at getting at least six hours of sleep every night.

Change Drinks

Generally, the unhealthy effects of soda cannot be over emphasized. Drinks like soda or milk could cause bloating. It is always much safer to stick with water as it helps the body function effectively and helps get rid of toxins. It also actually is very useful for weight loss. When soda is taken, the gas used in preservation is equally swallowed along with lots of sweeteners, which leads to bloating. Most people are also lactose intolerant, they take milk and it hardly digests. It eventually gets stored in the body as fat. More than half the human population suffer from this digestive problem. You are advised to therefore, stick to water.

For flatter belly, try these simple rules. You will be surprised with your results.


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