How to keep looking younger


Everybody wants to age gracefully. We all want to look younger than our grandkids when we‘re a hundred (okay, not quite, but you get the point). We have wondered how this could be achieved and have done our research to get this information for you.
We‘ll start by saying that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking your age, or looking old (when you‘re old). It’s not something to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, aging isn‘t something a lot of people welcome heartily. Most people try to cheat nature and are flat out obsessed with youthful beauty. Some will even go as far as performing a surgery.
However, if you desire pasting changes to your appearance, a few changes would have to be made on your habits, sleep patterns, exercise routines feeding and skin care routines. These will have an impact on your body and your face.
How you can keep yourself looking younger

Use a Moisturizer, then a foundation

As aging happens, your hormone levels drop and your skin gets drier. When you make up, you may consider going for a cream foundation. These creamy and thick foundations are produced for full coverage and contain more pigment. We suggest you go instead for a hydrating primer or a Roch face moisturizer.

Consider lightening your hair

Dark hair isn‘t so bad but if you want to look younger, you should consider lightening your hair. Since your hair thins as you age, it is much more obvious when your hair is dark against your light scalp. It will also cast shadows on the skin that make your wrinkles a lot more prominent. To not look so old, lighten your hair at least two or three shades lighter.

Go to the salon for a fringe

Did you know fringes make you look younger? To be sure, try placing your hand over your forehead and pretend it‘s a bang. Look in the mirror and evaluate how you look. Then look in the mirror without your hands on your forehead and decide which you prefer. If you’re totally enraptured by the idea of bangs, then go for them. Make sure the bangs are full and get to the center of your brows, maybe even longer.

Work on your posture

We‘ve been taught for a long time how important posture is. Poor posture often leads to breathing issues, back pain, neck pain and headaches, plus, it makes you look older. If you hunch over your head computer a lot or slouch in your hair, your posture is already tilting towards the bad. Be conscious about maintaining a good posture. Sit and stand up straight. Not only will doing this make you look younger, it will also make you appear more confident.

Exercise more

Exercising is not just great for your body, it‘s great for your sleep and your mood. It also on a cellular level, slows down aging. A published study asserted that people who have more vigorous and regular work out sessions possess longer telomeres. Longer telomeres mean less susceptibility to age-related diseases.
Your skin will thank you eventually when you‘re advanced if you exercise mode as exercise naturally keeps the skin younger. Exercise may also help reverse aging in folks. Don’t forget to use sunscreen if you plan to exercise outdoors.

Get enough sleep

You know how they say “beauty sleep “? So it turns out it‘s a real thing. According to several studies, not getting enough sleep could lead to redness, black circles, dryness, dullness and breakouts. Getting good sleep will do so much for your skin. We advise that you regulate your sleeping patterns. In other words, have a working and realistic sleeping schedule. Before going to bed, a pre-sleep routine such as listening to calming music, reading a book or doing yoga. Also, don’t forget to stay away from blue light devices like phones, PCs and televisions. If possible, keep them away from your bedroom. The QUALITY not quantity alone, is important as far as sleep is concerned.

Moisturize your skin

As people advance with age, the skin gets thinner and is almost unable to absorb moisture as it used to. Therefore, adding a moisturizer will do wonders for your skin. If moisturizing doesn‘t occurs and the skin is left to keep drying out, the skin tears easily and gets easily bruised. Plus, it makes the wrinkles a lot more visible.

Stay hydrated

We already mentioned how the body gradually loses its ability to absorb moisture as you age. The last thing you want to be is dehydrated. We recommend you carry a water bottle around so that you always stay hydrated. Generally, ninety-one ounces of water is recommended for females while a hundred and twenty five is recommended for males. Asides from water, you can stay hydrated from other sources such as fruits and vegetables.

Drink less alcohol

The more alcohol you take, the less healthy you become. Apart from how much havoc alcohol wreaks on cells, tissues and organs of the body, it dehydrate the body too. Now, this isn‘t something you’re trying to avoid, why enable it with the alcohol? Not to mention, as a result, your iron levels get depleted and your could begin to lose your hair, your lashes and what nots – now that‘s a way older look, don’t you think?

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is important for the protection of your skin. Exposure to the sun may lead to free radical damage which affects the skin and cause wrinkles. It‘s best to protect your skin from this damage by using a sunscreen . Specifically go for the products with zero titanium oxide and zinc. Although sunscreen could help prevent aging, it’s also been found effective in texture clarity, skin tone clarity and hyperpigmentation. This is especially for the ones who use sunscreens (SPF 30) regularly. If you can afford to then please, by all means, go for sunscreens with as high an SPF as possible to block out as much UV damage as possible.
Your face, neck, chest, stomach, back and hands should be covered completely so that no part is exposed and damaged.


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