There is a saying which says that once the cavity is damaged by tooth decay it is impossible to heal and restore to normal. Due to this, the regular solution is to have the tooth drilled out and filled up with synthetic material. As acceptable as this is generally, it has been proven that the cavity can actually be healed and restored. As a matter of fact, a dental health advocate has advised against the use of amalgam fillings and recommended that people suffering from tooth decay utilize natural methods in sorting out their tooth issues. Before we continue however, I will like us to see what exactly causes tooth decay.

There is a strong relationship between the diet we consume and the health of our cavities, it is strange but very true. Studies have shown that people in rural areas not exposed to western diets have better dental health than those in the urban areas who consume more of western foods. Four major things about our diet contribute immensely to how health our teeth are:

  1. Deficiency of minerals, especially magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.
  2. Deficiency of fat soluble vitamins, majorly A, D, E, K.
  3. Consumption of processed sugars and phytic acid-rich foods.

What to do

Consume dairy products and nutrient rich foods

As we know, raw dairy is highly nutritious, it is full of minerals and vitamins which are essential for body growth and maintaining strong teeth and bones. Ensure you increase your consumption of fat soluble vitamins and mineral if you are ever going to beat tooth decay. Add the following to your diet, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, essential oils, nuts and beans.

Eliminate processed sugars and phytic acids from your diet

Sugar is one of the major causes of tooth ache, decay and cavity destruction, it should be totally avoided from the diet. To achieve this you will have to stay away from baked foods, sodas, carbonated drinks, and any artificial sweeteners. Phytic acid prevents you from absorbing minerals sufficiently into the system, it can be found in foods grown artificially. Abstain from these two and you are on your way to perfect dental health.


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