How to Have Long and Beautiful Natural Nails

Long and beautiful natural nails

Visiting the salon is not the only key to getting long and beautiful natural nails. A good diet, a healthy beauty regimen and a good hygiene will fetch you nails you didn’t think were possible without a salon treatment. You will be thankful you did away with the chemicals and the salon cost.
The fingernails consist of layers of a protein known as Keratin. Believe it or not, we can tell what your overall health is like from your nails. Nails that are healthy have a consistent colour, are hard, smooth and without dents. Slow growing nails are also not a sign of good health.
If you would love beautiful fast-growing nails, then this article can help you.

1) Would you please stop biting your nails?

Lady biting her nails

Nail-biting is a bad habit that should be done away with as it is detrimental to your health. It could result in skin infections on the mouth and hands caused by bacteria. If the urge comes whenever you see a lose or dry skin to bite them off , then clip them away .
What has that got to do with your nails?
Biting the skin that surrounds your nails weaken the nails because saliva is added. Saliva can weaken your nails due to the moisture and they could eventually break. See?
If it’s difficult to go without biting your nails, try chewing gum to reduce the chances of chewing your nails. If the habit happens as a result of severe anxiety, then you should talk to a therapist.

2) Keep your Nails Clean and Dry

As is known by everybody, bacteria thrives in a moist environment. Therefore it is best to not give them the chance. Be sure that your nails are always neat and dry. Use a clean towel after washing your hands. Nails exposed to moisture for long become weak and start to break. If you need to carry out activities that are water related, try using gloves for protection.
To get your nails shiny, apply baking soda to an old wet toothbrush and scrub beneath the nails till they are white. You could also use peroxide or some lemon juice.

3) Gels and Acrylics are Not Friends of Your Nails

As beautiful as they are, gels and acrylic can cause a lot of damage to your nails. If you can, completely avoid them. Acrylic contains a host of chemicals that are more harmful than friendly to the nails. The chemicals cause dents and roughen your nails. Gel on the other hand has a drying mechanism that is not healthy for the skin that surrounds the nails.

4) When Filing, Do So In One Direction

Filing the nails

While filing, do so gently. Alsop make sure you are filing in one direction. Doing otherwise can weaken your nails, and cause them to break. The tip your nails could also become blunt and without shape. To file in one direction, start at the left corner and file to the center. Do the same for the right corner too. This way, you have a smooth finish and the bed of your nail is unharmed.
It also gives your nail a more defined look.

5) Don’t Use So Much Nail Polish

It is normal to want to add a little colour to your nails once in a while, especially for occasions. But most nail polishes are filled with lots of chemicals that are harmful to the nails. Some of these chemicals include toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and dimethyl. Avoid having nail polish on your nails very often. If you have to, apply them only occasionally . There are also other options that are less-harmful. If you go looking for water-based enamels, you will find them. These kinds do not contain the harmful substances that the common nail polish contains but does not last very long. They can also be easily removed with alcohol or even water.

6) Acetones

Acetone is probably the most harmful chemical to your nails. It is infact more harmful than nail polish. It has a drying effect that affects the cuticles, nails and even the skin. If you have nail polish on, try using nail polish removers that do not contain acetone. They still posses the drying effect and chemicals but are not nearly as destructive as acetone nail removers.

7) Use Nail Strengtheners

There are treatments that could be used to strengthen the nails. So remember filing your nails in one direction? Good. When your nails begin to take shape, get a nail strengthener. It could be serums, creams or strengthening polish. Serums, although expensive, produce the best results. You can apply the cream everyday, in the morning and at night. These creams can act as protein treatments to strengthen your nails. The most affordable however, are strengthening polishes. They prevent chipping of the nails and are fairly easy to use.

8) Eat Right!

Fruits and vegetables

Overlook the position of this point. The last is not always the least. This is actually the most important point. Your feeding affects everything about you, and yes, including your nails. Here’s what your feeding should look like :

i. Consume Plenty of Biotin : Biotin is Vitamin H. It helps to promote growth and strength of nails, skin and  hair. You will find it in bananas, avocado, mushrooms, salmon and whole grains. Try consuming 40 micrograms a day through supplements or food.
ii. Take foods with folic acid : Folic acid is known as Vitamin B9. It helps to keep your erythrocytes (red blood cells) healthy and protect your nerve cells from damage. It is best for nail growth and naturally gets excreted when it is in excess. Folic acid is in foods like cheese, fish and red meat.
iii. Get enough Vitamin A : Vitamin A is another important vitamin that helps with strengthening the nails. About 800 micrograms is good for a day. Foods with Vitamin A in it include : sweet potatoes, vegetables, carrots and squash.

In conclusion, the nails reflect what your health is like. The importance of having a well-balanced diet cannot be overemphasized. A well-balanced diet would involve plenty of fruits and vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and lots of healthy fat.
You can’t make your nails magically grow overnight, but with a lot of care, they will get prettier, stronger and will last longer, making breakage almost a myth for you.


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