All over the world, hair loss is regarded as a major problem which is no longer a respecter of age or sex. On a daily basis people are constantly in search of ways to grow their hair and make it thicker, they seek ways to ensure that their hair no longer falls off. The hair as we all know is a major asset which plays a key role in how attractive a person looks. Today, balding and thing of hair has become the order of the day, especially among African men and women.

The question that begs to be answered is, what exactly causes this balding or thinning of the hair? There are several of them, some include, hormonal imbalance, aging, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, use of wrong hair products, pollution, physical stress, emotional stress, allergies, to mention a few.

There are several methods of curbing hair loss issues, most of them are very expensive like the hair transplants and several hair growth serums and oils. Instead of spending a fortune on these, you can make your own simple remedy which is just as effective from the comfort of your home with simple ingredients found in the kitchen. Here are a few:


Protein is essential for growth and since eggs are a major source of protein, it is no surprise that they are the first on my list. You can simply beat two eggs and apply the liquid to your wet hair, leave to stay for 30 minutes and then wash off with a good shampoo. Do this twice a week for great results.

Olive oil

To use this simply massage the hair down to the scalp with the oil and leave for about 45 minutes then wash off with some warm water and shampoo. You could also leave overnight before washing off.

Castor oil mixed with coconut oil

This mixture works wonders, simply mix both oils in equal amount and heat before applying to the hair. Cover the hair with a moist towel and then leave for an hour before washing off with a good shampoo. This should be done just once a week.


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