How to Get Rid of Pimples


Pimples are one of the most common skin problems people face. One of the major causes of pimple outbreak is when the oil glands present in the skin secretes excess sebum. When the skin pores are clogged as a result of dead skin cells or dirt this secreted oils is accumulated under the skin and the painful pimple emerges due to bacterial infection on these oil glands.
Thankfully, there are a lot of home remedies that can naturally get rid of pimples. But first, let’s look at some of the causes of pimples.

Causes of pimples
Most people confuse acne for pimples. They are not the so different, but they are not really the same. Acne is a more chronic skin condition, while pimples are considered as a less chronic condition than acne.

Hormones and other physical reasons can be a cause of pimples or acne, rarely, but most of the times, they are caused due to not cleaning the skin properly and also due to use of skin care and makeup products that does not suit the skin type. It has also been found that in case of acne, heredity might play an indirect role.

Some people have an idea that pimples occur over the face only; but, it is not always right. Pimples can affect any area of the skin like shoulders, back, hands as well as legs. Pimples or acne may not be a serious disease but can portray a negative impression about the person, hampering his/her self-esteem and image.
Environmental pollution, exposure to sun, use of cosmetics, excessive stress, junk foods and inadequate water intake are some of the common reasons that directly or indirectly triggers break outs of pimples.

Types of pimples
Pimples have become a common problem among us that are found in four type’s nodules, papules, pustules, and cyst. The first inflammatory acne is papules that are small and pus less.

Whiteheads are the small white bumps in a round shape that appears on the surface of your skin due to the pores get clogged with sebum, debris, and dead skin cells.

Blackheads are minuscule bumps that appear on the face even most of the parts of the body when a hair follicle gets clogged with debris and sebum.
Pustules or Nodules
Pustules or Nodules are painful and more profound within the skin with the hardened touch. When bacteria and oil get spread inside the pores, they may get developed. While being hardened, they can leave deep scars too.

Cysts are red, painful, large breakouts deep within your skin that can let you suffer for years and leaving permanent scars. Get the guidance of dermatologist to get rid of it.

How to reduce pimples or acne quickly and naturally
Products that are readily available in your kitchen can work amazingly and are more promising than the pre-packed store bought masks for fighting pimples.

Essential Oils to Remove Pimples or Acne

Lemon Essential Oil for Pimples

The lemon essential oil contains astringent and antibacterial properties that help to shrink the large pores of the skin while reducing the excess sebum. It also reduces the fine lines and makes skin smoother while regenerating skin cells and improving skin elasticity.

Grape Seed Oil to Get Rid of Pimples

Here is another remedy that you can use for acne scars. Grape Seeds oil is high in vitamin E that is helpful to reduce the appearance of acne scars. It also has the properties that help to heal the wound and inflammation.

Lemongrass Oil for a Pimple

Lemongrass oil has the stimulating properties that stimulate olfactory system along with skin and revitalize the skin while reducing the appearance of pimples.

Argan Oil to Get Rid of Acne

Argan oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help you to lock the moisture within your skin while helping to reduce the acne scars appearance form your skin by using it as a cleanser.

Castor Oil for Pimples

Castor oil contains a good source of ricinoleic acid that fights against the bacteria that cause pimples. It is also rich in fatty acid that is equally beneficial to remove acne scars along with removing dirt, excess oil, and the clogged pores.

Fish Oil to Get Rid of Pimples

Fish oil is rich in fatty acid omega three that is beneficial for overall health including smooth and pimple free skin. Fish oil contains omega 3s that is helpful to get clear skin and reducing inflammation.

Coconut Oil to Get Rid of Pimples

Coconut oil contains fatty acids along with MCFAs that have powerful antimicrobial effects that have the potential to kill the disease that can cause microorganisms and result in acne scars. It also has lauric acid that can kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and p.acne.

Olive Oil for Acne

Olive oil is an ideal remedy to treat acne scars. It is rich in vital vitamins that boost the healing process of acne scars. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to get a better cure for acne scars.

How to Get Rid of Acne with Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is like a blessing to treat acne scars by balancing the skin itself. Jojoba oil has the components that have the potential to resemble the human sebum which is an oily, waxy substance within the skin that can result in acne scars free skin.

Frankincense Oil to Remove Pimples or Acne Overnight

Get rid of pimples overnight. Take 1-2 drops frankincense oil and 1-2 cotton bud. You can directly use this oil on your skin. Take a cotton bud and dip into the oil and apply all over your pimple and around it! This oil helps to kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation. It controls the skin and promotes the growth of healthy cells. It will also remove the pimples from the skin and forehead. Leave this for the whole night in this way! Don’t remove or wash your face. This oil is the best for all types of skin.

Peppermint Essential Oil to Reduce Pimples

Use this essential oil to reduce pimples quickly. Take few drops of peppermint oil and one tablespoon of vitamin E oil. Mix these both oils completely. Apply this mixture on the pimples and wait to absorb it the skin properly. It will reduce the redness and swelling problem. It includes antimicrobial properties which reduce the pimple or acne problem from the skin easily. You can use this mixture for your entire face easily, like cheeks, forehead, etc. If you daily use it, it helps to get rid of pimple problem easily from the face.

Use lavender Oil to Get Rid of Pimples

Remove pimples in less time. Use lavender essential oil directly on your pimple. Take 2-3 drops this oil and use it directly over the pimples or acne and around places and leave it for few minutes. This oil includes anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which help this problem. This oil reduces pimples problem from face and skin as well.

How to Remove Pimples with Tea Tree Oil

Get rid of pimple marks with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a strong antibacterial agent, it can fight pimples efficiently. Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with 4-5 drops of carrier oil (primrose oil is a good option for pimples or acne) and apply the mixture directly onto the pimples. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove the oil with a damp cotton ball.


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