How to Get Rid of Acne | Sudden Acne Breakout on Face

Why you have acne

Acne sucks. If you have experienced the ugly effects of it, then you know exactly how it feels. Your confidence is chipped and you begin to wonder what’s wrong with you. During the puberty period, we worry less because we are told it’s a normal part of the change process occurring in your body . After that stage though, we begin to worry if those ugly blackheads linger.

How to Prevent Pimples on face forever

The clogging of the pores and bacterial growth in the hair  follicles are the reasons we to go through an acne crisis. This is usually as a result of the skin producing more oil than is necessary. The oil ends up getting stuck because the hair follicle is blocked and therefore is stuck. Genetics sometimes could play a huge role in the cause of your acne, but essentially, there are habits you might be repeating unsuspectingly, that have cost you your glow.

So if you are prone to acne, pay attention to the following points, they just might be the answer to your prayers

1. Terrible Products 

If you don’t understand why acne comes real easy for you, then you should check the products you use. Cosmetic and skin care products that contain silicone or mineral oil should be on your “avoid” list  These elements cause your pores to get clogged and then break out.

How to stop pimples coming on face :  

Find products that are labeled “noncomedogenic” . These are products made specifically to not clog your pores. If however, you get noncomedogenic products and you still get the breakouts, then visit a dermatologist as you might be reacting to another ingredient in the product.

2. Spicy Foods 

Lycopene, which can irritate the skin of some folks, is an acidic ingredient found in spicy foods like peppers and tomatoes. Lycopene upsets the skin’s pH levels and triggers unwelcome break outs. Sometimes though  it could just be your skin reacting to foods that are not favorable, it could be bread, dairy or other kinds of food, it all depends on your body. It is important to know what exactly upsets your body and what doesn’t, this way you keep your skin in check.

How you can correct this :

Take some time off consuming a lot of spicy food. You can take time to study what works well with your skin and what doesn’t. You will notice rashes or tiny whiteheads around your mouth if a food irritates your skin.

3. Hard Scrubs 

Many people have the erroneous thought that by scrubbing their skin harder with a washcloth or sponge, their skin will get smoother. The reality is that your skin might get worse from scrubbing too hard. Why? This happens because you end up scrubbing off the acne  and spreading the causative bacteria round the face, making your problem worse.

How you can correct this :   

Use facial cleansers, moisturizers and toners instead – this way you minimize the excessive scrubbing. These products contain ingredients that can clear the pores and prevent break outs on the skin. Such ingredients include : lactic acids,  glycolic acids, alpha hydroxy acids.

4. Smoking 

Smoking is already bad enough for the health, add skin problems to the list and you know you should not be anywhere near a cigarette, ever. The smoke makes it impossible for enough oxygen to get to your face  Apart from increasing the risks of cancer, it also breaks down elastin and collagen. This in turn causes wrinkles and enlarges the pore size. Your skin also gets drier and as a reaction to the dryness begins to produce more oil which we all know causes clogged pores .Yh yh yh yh yh yh yh yh

How you can correct this : 

Well, what other advice do you need? You already know what you should do. Simply stop smoking if you  take your health care and your face seriously. 

4. Touching and Picking Your Pimples 

You know the worst way to chase pimples away? Picking your pimples. More than 50% of the population of the world population have the notion that picking their pimples clear the skin and eradicates the pimples. This is a terrible thinking as what you think you are doing for the better, you are actually doing for worse  Picking your pimples could leave scars on your face or worse, you could end up pushing the microbe deeper or spreading and multiplying it with your hands.

How you can correct this :

Letting your pimples do their healing naturally avoids unwanted scars. Keeping your hands off your face can be a turning point for your skin. You also do not want the bacteria on your skin to spread. Decide to keep your hands away from your face, get busy with something to distract yourself from touching your face if it proves difficult.

5. Detergent Problems 

Certain chemicals used in the production of detergents could be unfavourable to the skin . When these detergents are used to do laundry, your skin might react to tiny residues on  the fabric, bedsheets or pillowcases. These reactions can lead to breakouts on the face, chest and back. .

How you can correct this : 

Go for a detergent that will not irritate your skin. It should be dye and fragrance free. The detergent should also be approved by a dermatologist for sensitive skin.

6. No Face Wash

Not washing your face as often as possible is a sure bet for acne. When you skip that, dirt, bacteria and oil all mix up on your skin together with sweat (eww!), they settle down in your pores and cause mighty break outs. It is also the case when you do not wash your face at night after having make up on all the day.

How you can correct this :

Before workout,  wipe your face and neck using facial wipes. After workout or a busy  sweaty day – don’t be too lazy to get a good bath or at least wash your face. If you are too weak to, then you can simply use the facial wipes once more.


Don’t forget that a good diet contributes to having an acne-free skin  without spot or blemish. Try to also rest often, stress is known to be a prominent cause of acne. Yoga is a good place to start relaxing. If you’ve tried everything and none has proven effective, then please by all means see a dermatologist., it could be that you’re just missing something.



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