How to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy


Pregnancy is an amazing thing, but we are often not prepared for the perils that come along with it. One of those perils is the morning sickness. Statistics say that about seventy percent of women experience this, especially in early stages of the pregnancy. Fifty percent out of this count throw up often.
It’s a common phenomenon, but is also varied. For example, some of the women may experience this in the mornings, others in the evening, some if they have not had good sleep. It can start after six weeks and then go on for three weeks or more.
According to research, this nauseous feeling is often associated with increased levels of oestrogen, HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) and cholecystokinin, low blood sugar counts and a bigger susceptibility to certain smells.

Ways to Handle Morning Sickness

Keep Physically and Mentally Active

It’s been found that the more physically active a pregnant lady is, the less the symptoms of nausea affect her. She can be physically active by finding simple dishes to cook or strolling.
Mentally, she can stay busy by reading a book, watching TV (maybe Netflix), solving puzzles, playing cards etc. These will help you stay preoccupied.

Get plenty of rest

As much as we suggest that you should stay active physically and mentally, we are all for rest.
Getting a good night’s sleep is important. You could also nap during the day too, as long as you’re not doing so as soon as you’re done eating because it will only make your nausea worse.
If you work night shifts, wear a sleep mask or use blackout curtains, anything to block out light and enhance sleep.
To also help you get a good night’s sleep, use a maternity pillow for your abdomen and back. Make sure you go to bed on time so you’ll be up early and take time to get off the bed.
As much as you can, avoid sleeping pills.

Ensure good fluid intake

Hydration is a necessity, especially during pregnancy.
We know that while you’re dealing with nausea, you may have a tough time drinking a lot of water but staying dehydrated will only make the nausea worse.
You could make the water more palatable by adding honey or apple cider vinegar.
You could also get creative and suck on ice cubes from fruit juice or water.

Ginger and peppermint teas

Ginger has been used in ancient times to help with digestion and reduce abdominal discomfort. According to studies, it can relieve nausea symptoms.
If you would rather not eat raw ginger, then you can add a slice to water or tea. You could also drink cold ginger ale.
Ginger cookies or ginger bread are options you can try out too.
To help settle your stomach, drink peppermint tea.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing

Tight clothes could make your nausea symptoms get worse. Women who experience the feeling during pregnancy often have less symptoms when they go for loose and comfortable clothing.

Sniff a Fresh Scent

A lot of unpleasant smells may make you want to puke. Morning sickness is often associated with smells. This is because oestrogen is responsible for the sense of smell. So, in situations where your oestrogen levels shoot up, your nose becomes super sensitive. Terrible smells that you cannot get away from will potentially make you nauseous.
If you cannot get away, try sniffing fresh scents. That means you may have to carry your own scent around in a bottle, one that you’ve found to be pleasant.

Find Foods That Work for You

We understand you may not want to eat anything, especially when you’re nauseous, however you would need to get something into your stomach. Start with finding what foods work for you. A few suggestions include pretzels, crackers, dry cereals and a few others. You could also have Popsicles and watermelons.
Don’t eat as much fatty and spicy food as it may upset your stomach. If however, you find that they work well for you without side effects, then go ahead.
Eat more of cold foods because hot foods are more likely to have an aroma and may trigger nausea.
If you want to get enough nutrients, you can try chicken soup. It will provide some calories and help hydrate you.

Get Creative with Ginger

Ginger is great for soothing the stomach and can handle your queasiness. You can add a thin slice to your tea or hot water or sip ginger ale.
You can also try snacking on a crystallized ginger candy, gingerbread or gingersnaps. You could try getting creative and make your own soup with ginger roots

Distract Yourself

We know it may difficult to do this but find something that could help take your mind off how you feel. Go for a walk, do a sudoku puzzle, read a book, move to some good music or even do a karaoke version of your favourite songs – fun!
A few pregnant women say that exercise helps relieve nausea, you can plug in, but make sure you speak with your doctor first so he/she advises you.
If you do exercise, don’t overstretch yourself, stop when you feel tire or your nausea gets worse.

Carry a Survival Kit

It can be embarrassing puking in public. It’s impossible to get used to it no matter how many times it happens. To help the situation, never forget to go out with a few supplies in your bag. We’ve already mentioned that carrying your own scent around could help a great deal. Another is a clean blouse, toothbrush and a Toothpaste, or several little plastic bags to throw up in, you could call them “barf bags “. One last thing, a water bottle is also important.
Breath mints, a mouthwash can come in handy if you would rather take them than go with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Oh, let’s not forget snacks ; pretzels, crackers and whatever else works for you should be stuffed in your bag so you can munch on them when your tummy is upset or empty.


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