How make money from Facebook in Nigeria – 2017


Everyday, more number of people are raking in money from Facebook including me. You don’t need to be a pro before you can make money from Facebook or online as a whole.

Facebook is currently world’s most visited social media and boasts of billions of active users that go online every minutes to chat with their friends, watch other people’s videos and pictures to just while away time.

while many people (including you) go to facebook for this kind of reason, other people like me is busy making use of the platform that facebook has offered to rake in a few cash.

let me tell you something, I am a fresh graduate currently waiting for service and in the past week, i have been able to make about 30,000 Naira from Facebook, how did i do it? Keep reading.

To really make money from Facebook,you have to follow the trends online, what are people doing at the moment, what services are people paying for at the moment, what kind of services are people advertising at the moment and what kind of products are people really interested in buying?

The reason these questions is necessary is to give you a heads up on how to make money from Facebook. If you see that someone is advertising offering a certain kind of service in exchange for a small amount of money and so many people are interested in paying for that service, you should see how you can offer that same service in a lower amount and also have people pay for it.

Don’t still understand how to make money from facebook? Okay, let’s break it down

I go on Facebook and see Mr A advertising an online training on how to be your own boss bla bla blah and how you can make a certain product he or she will show you and you see the number of people that comments under that they are interested to pay for this service and learn it online.

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This services that are being advertised on facebook for an online training will definitely take place but it won’t be on Facebook. Are you wondering where the training will take place?

This is where Whatsapp comes into play, yes,i go online, get my services advertised to people, ask them to click on a link that will take them to whatsapp where the training will take place and when they get to whtasapp, i drop my account details and how they can pay to my bank account in order for them to receive the training ( which is the services am offering)


No don’t be… there is no need for that. If you thinking right now, okay you said services, i don’t have any services to offer, in fact, am a student and don’t know how to do anything.

Ahaaa! There you go… the good thing about this form of making money from facebook and whatsapp is that you don’t require any skills in order to start making money. Are you asking how again?


Go online and make research on how  to do any of this services e.g how to make laundry soap. You will see a number of sites come up with this searches. Click on any one and copy the content to your created Whatsapp group. When its time for the training, simply forward it to the training group and get all your clients thanking you for the favour even after they have paid money, ( Isn’t life sweet?)


Have you ever made money from facebook or whatsapp before? If yes what strategy did you use?

Do you see yourself make money from facebook this week from this strategies I have given you?

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