How consuming lemons affect your body


It’s true that lemons have a bitter and sour taste and they are highly acidic. All of these don’t exactly make the fruit appealing. However, we shouldn’t overlook how packed it is with antioxidants and vitamins as this makes lemon a healthy fruit – one of the healthiest infact.
Even though we’ve tried to make something sweet out of lemons by making lemons, lemonades are really not healthy. There are lots of healthier ways to eat lemons without adding all that sugar, one way is by squeezing the fruit into a glass of cold or hot water. Another way to enjoy the lemon fruit is by adding fresh lemon juice to salad dressings. You can even grate the peel and use for a fresh lemon zest.
Everything about the lemon fruit is good for you, from the peel down to the pulp and we’ll show you just what we mean.

Ways Lemons Benefits you

1. Make You Look Younger

You don’t always have to burn your wallet trying to afford costly skin care products like face creams, anti-aging serums and the likes. Simply adding some lemon to your diet is virtually all you need to have a younger-looking appearance.
A study states that a high intake of vitamin C is associated with a lower likelihood of developing fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin. One lemon contains fifty percent of your daily recommended vitamin C intake. Therefore eating a lot of the fruit will make you look young.

2. It Will Reduce Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure does not always have symptoms and this is part of what makes it dangerous. Plus, it leads to serious complications like a heart attack, stroke or a kidney failure. Lemons have been proven to help the condition.
According to a study carried out on folks who suffered from high blood pressure, eating at least even half a lemon a day was found to reduce blood pressure levels along with walking seven thousand steps.
Of course we can’t out rightly say that lemons can solely be the cure to high blood pressure, still we won’t ignore its potential to help.

3. It Curbs Overeating

If you’ve been concerned about your weight gain and you know it’s a result of overeating, eating lemons could help. The peel and pulp of a lemon contains pectin, which helps keep you feeling full for a long time.
A study shows that people who ate about five grams of pectin experienced more satiety. It will obviously take a few lemons to get to five grams, still, you can add pulpy lemon juice to your water and drink all through the day.

4. You’ll Lose Weight

Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds containing antioxidants. All citrus fruits have their different combination of polyphenols. However, the ones contained in lemons provide important health benefits.
One study found that feeding a high-fat diet to a mice and also lemon polyphenols caused a suppression of fat accumulation and weight gain and also led to improvement in blood sugar levels, insulin and leptin.
We do know that results of mice does not automatically mean it would be same for humans, still we cannot ignore the potentials. We therefore recommend a regular intake of polyphenols from lemon if you’re obese. You have nothing to lose

5. It Helps Fight Off Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s reaction to issues in the body like cold. Although these inflammations can get extreme and lead to weight gain, moods wings, fatigue, digestive issues and even cancer.
The good news is that there are lots of foods that help you fight inflammation.
For example, vitamin C has antioxidant properties that help reduce inflammation . Vitamin C is also beneficial for inflammatory conditions including protecting immune cells.

6. It May Have Fight Off a Cold Faster

Remember how you were always told to take lots of orange juice whenever you came down with a cold? That’s because the vitamin C content of orange juice has been found effective in getting rid of cold symptoms and boosting immunity.
Even though it is not entirely clear how vitamin C fights off cold, it does have lots of credible effects. It also has a positive respiratory health benefit, a bonus when staving off an annoying cold.

7. It Will Help You Drink More Water

We know drinking plain water can be boring. Even though it has huge benefits like weight loss, more energy and a faster metabolism, it doesn’t stop it from being tiresome. Luckily, adding lemon juice to your water will make it a lot more palatable. That way, you can drink more water and get all the amazing benefits from both water and lemon juice! Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

8. It Will Make Your Breath Fresher

Bad breath is such a ruiner of moods. If you’re out of mouthwash or gum mints, grab a lemon. Eating a lemon will freshen your mouth same way it freshens your under arm and your home. Lemon has an acidic nature that helps neutralizes odours. As a result, it will help get rid of nasty garlic and onion breath. For more natural remedies for bad breath, click here.

9. Your Brain is Protected

As you age, you may start to develop severe cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, not every aged person is doomed to end up like this, especially if they develop a healthy lifestyle.
Lemons could stave off a decline in your mental abilities. This is according to a review on Alzheimer’s disease. The high vitamin C content of lemon makes it able to protect your brain from decline. So be sure to get enough vitamin C by taking lemons so that your brain is protected from harm.

Note : Lemons can wreak havoc on your teeth. They are highly acidic and can easily erode your enamel if taken overboard. Once your enamel is eroded make no mistake, it cannot be fixed. Enamel erosion can lead to tooth sensitivity and discolouration.
The health benefits of lemons are amazing. However, it’s best to eat them in moderation.


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