How Bananas May Help You Lose Weight

How bananas may help you lose some weight

Everybody loves bananas. It’s an absolute favourite. They are also packed with essential nutrients. Some of these nutrients include : fiber, carbohydrates, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, Vitamin C and Manganese. When we visit a dietician about healthy eating, he talks about eating more fruits and vegetables. We still have this lingering doubt about bananas though because of their sugar content. You might have even heard that they could make you gain weight. What you probably have  not heard is how bananas may help you lose weight . But how? You ask.

Bananas Are Rich In Fiber

Bananas contain fiber which have been known to maintain a healthy  bowel movement and digestive system. It is also known to decrease heart disease risks and even cancer. We are grateful fiber is that effective, but did you know it is also linked to weight loss and weight maintenance? A study was carried out on a group of women in the which their food consumptions were studied, it was found that the women who ate more fiber had noticeable changes and significant decrease in their weight. This is thought to be because of the filling effect bananas(fiber in general) have, preventing you from eating in-between meals and helping you eat less calories.

 Bananas Possess a Low Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index is a measure of the way a food affects the blood sugar. A food with a score higher than 70 is considered to possess a high glycemic index, the medium is 56 – 59 and a food with a score lower than 55 is said to have a low glycemic index. High GI foods are a cause of weight gain and low GI foods, weight loss or maintenance . High GI foods contain lots of simple sugars that are easily absorbed and increases blood sugar levels . On the other hand, low GI foods contain sugars that are absorbed slowly by the body and help maintain a stable blood sugar level. High GI foods are the leading cause of obesity, stroke, diabetes and heart disease. As rich in sugar as bananas are, their glycemic index is about 42-62, all according to its ripeness. They therefore have a low glycemic index. The sugar content increases as the banana ripens – this means that ripe bananas have a higher GI than the greener ones.
Bananas generally have a lower GI compared to other foods and helps stabilize sugar levels. This can help maintain weight or lose a little weight overtime.

They Are a Good Fuel For Fitness Exercises

If you regularly exercise, use bananas as a pre- and post- exercise snack. Bananas contain lots of glucose which we know supply energy to the body. Glucose, easily digestible, also replenishes lost energy quickly. Another mineral they contain that makes them valuable before and after exercising is potassium which helps prevent the dizziness and muscle cramps that may arise.

 Bananas Contain Resistant Starch While They are Green

The ripeness of a banana determines what type of carbohydrate it contains. Bananas that are ripe contain sugars. Unripe bananas on the other hand, contain lots of resistant starch. These are chains of starch that are digestion resistant. This characteristic has a lot of advantage including lowering the blood sugar and weight loss. It does this by slowing down sugar absorption, this may leave you full for longer than usual. Resistant starch is also said to burn more fat.

They Have Low Energy Density

The energy density of a food means how much calories it contains per gram according to CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). A food is therefore said to have a high energy density when it possesses a lot of calories  Low energy density foods on the other hand, possess less calories. Bananas possess a low energy density.,but not just because they contain low calories. They are more with less calories, a part of them filled with mostly water and fiber. This makes them a healthy snack despite the calories. You can eat more food while consuming lessons calories  helping weight loss .This is also why you will hardly feel hungry in between metals  75% of a banana is all water, this is also part of the reasons it has a low energy density. Majorly, less energy dense foods are fruits and vegetables because of their high water and fibre content. This is why you are oftentimes advised to take fruits and vegetables to improve your diet.

They Contain Moderate Calories 

An eight inch banana contains about 121 calories, a six inch banana only contains 90 calories. This fruit has the perfect amount of calories for a healthy snack. To maximize this, create a daily calorie consumption goal  If you are not so sure how much calories you consume, try monitoring your feeding for a few days and total the amount of calories. Then get a calorie goal by determining what will achieve weight loss, it could be cutting down your caloric consumption by 500 or 1,000 calories. After doing so ,you can begin to incorporate bananas into your regular diet. However, if you meet your calorie goal  do not add a banana as it could ruin your dieting.

How To Eat Bananas as a Weight Loss Diet

Below are a few suggestions if you are looking to use bananas to lose some weight. These suggestions are given because as much as the fruit possesses weight loss properties, it also possesses weight gain characteristics. It depends on how you eat it.
1. The ideal time for a banana treat, as mentioned before, is before or after workout. It helps in recovery and energy supply
2. Don’t take so much, especially very ripe ones. Go for the almost ripe ones more.
3. One piece a day is good enough.
4. Use them to curb bloating. They contain potassium, which helps to decrease water retention and as a result encourages weight loss.

5. Eat a banana early in the morning to make its properties more beneficial. Do so either with another fruit or maybe oatmeal.

Bananas, as we have seen, are highly nutritious and can help you stay fit if you eat them the right way. It has also been seen that they possess properties that make them recommendable as part of a weight loss diet. The fruit is an all-rounder, and can be beneficial to the health and general well-being. Try eating your bananas with a bit of fat and protein to give the snack better staying power. Peanut butter or almond are a good idea.



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