Hot water bath or Cold water bath: you should know


    We usually do not think twice about taking a hot or cold shower, we let the weather or our activities decide. But did you know there are stuff about the temperature of water you get a bath with are beyond just “warming up “ or “cooling down “.
In this article, we’ll consider the advantages of hot and cold water and also consider their disadvantages. That way, you’re familiar with each one and can make better decisions about what water temperature is ideal and why.
We’ll start with Hot Water

Disadvantages Of a Hot Water Bath

Affects Fertility

In a scientific study, it was confirmed that having a bath with hot water for over thirty minutes could affect one’s procreation abilities. This goes both ways, male and female. Individuals who have to deal with fertility problems are thus advised to get cold water baths as it would not be advisable to have hot water baths.

Hair Loss

When hot water comes in contact with the hair, it could penetrate its roots and cause damage. This damage could cause your hair to begin falling off. You really do not want to go bald now, do you?
Ageing Signs

Getting a bath with hot water so much could affect how bright and young your skin looks. Your pores would become loose, causing your skin to sag and wrinkle. The result is an appearance that is way older than your age.

Skin Dryness

Having a hot water bath could cause moisture to dissipate from your skin, especially during winters. If you’re skin is sensitive, then you should stay away from a hot water bath as you could also get allergies.

It can make you lazy

With a hot water bath, your muscles get so relaxed all you want to do is curl up under a duvet and snore away. This makes it a bad idea for your mornings. You want to be alert and agile in the morning, not lazy and sleepy.

Advantages Of a Hot Water Bath

Baths Can Relieve Cold And Flu

On days when you catch the flu and you’re sneezing around, taking a hot water bath could help. The nose is usually congested as a result of inflammation of the nasal passages. With a hot water bath, the steam lessens nasal blockage by getting the blood vessels in the face and the nose to move. A good hot water bath is also useful in helping fight viruses.

Muscle Pain Relief

The muscles hurt when there is blood circulation is not as effective. Heat stimulates the circulation of blood which of course helps tense muscles relax but beyond that, it could relieve sore muscles. Adding epsom salts to your hot water bath has been proven to soothe inflammation in the joints which could have been triggered by muscular diseases like arthritis. It has also been confirmed to help people who’re dealing with metabolic problems like type 2 diabetes.

They Can Help You Sleep Better

Remember how we said they could make you lazy? Well, it’s a good thing if you do not the rest. Sleep, uninterrupted sleep is important to the health and a warm bath has been thought to help you sleep better. Although there are theories that say a cold bath is much better at inducing sleep but truth is that they produce similar results. As evening approaches, the temperature of the body begins to drop and melatonin is released. A warm bath increases your body temperature causing the body to cool it down rapidly and produce melatonin which helps induce sleep.

Cold water Bath

We’ve seen the advantages and the disadvantages of a hot water bath. Now it’s time to see what a cold water bath has in store.

Advantages of a Cold Water Bath

Boosts Mood and Increases Alertness

Ever wondered why your classmate is just so energetic early in the morning? Chances are they take cold showers when they come awake. The shocking effect cold water triggers when it hits your body increases your heart rate and your oxygen intake. With this happening, the body experiences an energy rushing that makes you a lot more alert.
Research also confirms that cold water baths could help with depression. You might be wondering how. Well, when the cold water hits the body, electrical impulses are sent to the brain in great amounts. This result in an anti-depressive effect and causes an improvement in your mood.

They improve your overall health.

According to several scientific studies, a cold water bath will help you lose fat, activate your immune system, boost circulation of blood and improve you metabolism. It also causes your skin to become healthier and beautiful. You see, the skin pores are tightened, constricting flow of blood. In addition, the hair follicles are flattened out, helping them grip the scalp better. Sore muscles are also relieved fast.

They help you save on utility costs.

You won’t have to spend on heating and you can
significantly lessen your bathing time and water usage
because you wouldn’t want to stay too long in a cold
shower. As a result, you save on your utility bills.

Relieves Stress

Well, this is a well-known known advantage. Infact, people who have cold water baths have this as part of the reasons they do. Your cortisol levels are dramatically lowered as a result of a cold water bath, relieving stress automatically.

Disadvantages Of a Cold Water Bath

Not Ideal For People Who are Ill

Individuals who suffer from a kind of condition are not advised to take cold water baths even when it’s simply a minor illness. It’s much better to take a hot or at least warm bath to help the body get rejuvenated.
Individuals who especially suffer from cardiac problems or thyroid issues are advised to stay away from cold showers.

Not Healthy if You Get One Suddenly

Sudden cold water baths are dangerous as it could get the body stressed and heart rhythms could go out of sync. It is harmful to your heart and lungs. It’s best to start out slowly until your body eventually gets used to it.

Now that you’ve seen what life looks like on both sides, it might be easier to make a decision. However, if you pay attention closely, you’ll notice that the advantages of both are quite similar, which could get your confused further. So we have included a list of factors that could help decide when to have a cold water bath and when to have a hot water bath. Read on to learn about them.

Age :

Your age could help you decide if you should stick with hot or cold water baths. If you’re still pretty young, then cold water is most ideal for you even though hot water is good too . But if you’re already advanced, then you should get more hot water baths.
If you’re a student, them cold water would definitely benefit you, especially when you have to study.

Body Type

Your body could also determine what kind of water is most ideal. For example, if you need to shed some pounds, it might be ideal to go for a cold water bath to aid weight loss. Plus, if you’re plus size, chances are you sweat way more than normal. This would mean you should grab every opportunity to have a cold water bath.

Health Conditions

If you suffer from disease conditions like liver issues or indigestion, then a cold water bath will do you a lot of good. An epileptic patient should stay away from both cold and hot baths as they’re not advisable. It’s best to go for a lukewarm bath.


If you’re the kind that works out a lot more often, a hot water bath is recommended to help your muscles. A cold water might not be healthy for you.

A cold water bath is perfect for mornings to get you alert and pumping with all the energy you need for the day. At night, a hot water bath would be so much better to help you relax and induce sleep.


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