Yeast infection is also known as candida and it is basically a result of the action of a group of microscopic fungi known as Candida albicans. It majorly affects the private area, especially the vagina in women, it can also be observed under the breasts, in the denture, nail beds, lower abdomen, and around skin folds.

There are several factors that exposes an individual to yeast infection, some of them include chronic health issues, steroids, diabetes, stress, use of antibiotics, pregnancy, and use of oral contraceptives. It is also likely for women to be more exposed to yeast infection after they experience menopause, this is because of reduced estrogen production levels. Some of the signs of the infection include burning sensation around the private area, pain during sex, itching and vaginal discharge.

The best way to deal with this infection is by using home remedies instead of artificial methods which could have side effects in the nearest future. Let us take a look at a few remedies:


Yogurt contains a strain of bacteria known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, this strain is said to be have the ability to control and considerably reduce the growth of yeast to the barest minimum. To cure yeast infection using this method it is best you use unsweetened plain yogurt. You can apply the yogurt to the affected area and leave for 30 minutes or overnight before washing off. If it is a vaginal infection, dip a tampon in yogurt and insert in the vagina for about 2 hours, this should be done twice daily.


Almost everyone reading this article has some garlic in their kitchen. This herb has been used for ages mostly for its potency to cure several ailments. It possesses antibacterial, antifungal and antibiotic abilities, a major reason why it is recommended as a remedy against yeast infection. Disregarding the unpleasant smell, you can eat some fresh cloves of garlic daily or make a paste and rub over the infected area. Any of both methods will help eliminate the yeast infection rapidly.


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