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The hair plays a weighty role in defining your face. Good hair that is full, shiny and strong is what everybody wants. Sadly, a lot of factors affect this. Sometimes you may experience hair loss, hair breakage, impaired hair growth and hair fall, these could affect the health of the hair. Stuff like stress, bad habits, pollution and bad hair products contribute to lots of these hair problems.
If you’ve been searching for ways to naturally grow your hair, then you’re on the right page.

What Factors Influence Hair Growth?

Hair growth depends on a whole lot of factors and how interact with each other.
Below are a few factors
• Old age
• A weak immune system
• Nutrient deficiencies
• Hormonal imbalance
• Unhealthy dieting
• Stress on the hair from overstyling, excessive use of hair products.
• Weight loss
• Psychological issues like trauma, anxiety and stress
• Environmental factors
• Medications like blood thinners, antidepressants, etc.
Many of these factors are out of our control, so it’s best to care for your hair using natural treatments, eating right and taking supplements when necessary. Home remedies for hair growth are also a great option as they are inexpensive and often have no side effects.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Rice Water For Hair Growth

Rice water has become a widely known natural remedy for the hair and the skin. It’s been used for the longest of times by Asians who were thought to have kept this as a secret for a long time. Rice water is rich in vitamin B6, E, K and Proteins that are great for the nourishment of the hair and the scalp. This will, in turn, help promote healthy hair growth and increase hair volume.

What you’ll need:

• Half cup of rice
• Two cups of water

What to do:

• Start by soaking the rice in water and leave for fifteen minutes
• Next, strain the rice to get the rice water out.
• Next, pour the water slowly on your hair and your scalp
• Gently massage your scalp for a few minutes and then rinse your hair normally. You could use a mild shampoo too.
• Do this twice a week and in no time, you will find that your hair has made tremendous progress.


Honey is a natural humectant that retains moisture in the hair follicles and nourished the hair leaving the hair strengthened. Honey also contains antioxidants which help fight to get rid of free radicals that damage the scalp by oxidation. Apart from enabling growth, it will add shine to your hair.

What you’ll need:

• One teaspoon of honey (organic, raw honey)
• Two teaspoons of shampoo

What to do:

• Mix the honey and your shampoo together thoroughly
• Apply onto your hair, gently massaging the scalp until your hair is completely covered
• Let it sit for fifteen to about thirty minutes
• After about thirty minutes, rinse your hair the way you usually would.
• Repeat this procedure at least twice every week.

Egg Mask For Hair Growth

Eggs contain proteins, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, selenium, iron and lots of other important nutrients. Its high protein content makes it great for hair growth. It also contains healthy fats that contribute to the moisturizing and nourishing of the hair strands and hair follicles. Its vitamin content (A, D, and E) helps give the hair lustre, improves your hair texture and reduce hair fall.

What you’ll need:

• One egg
• A teaspoon of honey
• A teaspoon of olive oil

What to do:

• Start by cracking the egg in a clean bowl
• Next, add some honey and olive oil to the egg
• Thoroughly mix the ingredients well until you get a perfect consistency.
• Apply the paste to your hair, massaging it into the scalp gently.
• Let the paste stay on the hair for twenty minutes
• Afterward, rinse your hair with shampoo, using cold water
• Repeat this procedure once every week and you’ll begin to see results soon enough.

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are a surprising one, right? They contain compounds which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it is able to repair damaged hair follicles and help boost healthy hair growth. The leaves also have antimicrobial properties which comes in handy for fighting against scalp infections that may be impairing healthy hair growth.

What you’ll need:

• Just a handful of fresh guava leaves
• A litre of water
• Shampoo
• Water (preferably lukewarm)

What to do:

• You’ll have to find a guava tree and get a handful of its leaves
• Boil the leaves for about twenty minutes
• Next, strain the liquid and allow to cool for a while
• Rinse your hair using shampoo normally and allow your hair to air dry
• When the hair is almost dry, pour the guava leaf water on your hair, making sure it gets to every part of your hair, especially your scalp.
• Massage your scalp for a few minutes and then let the solution stay on the hair for a few hours. Three hours will do.
• After a few hours, rinse the solution using lukewarm water
• Repeat this procedure once every week, you’ll be surprised how much this does to your hair.

Ginger For Hair Growth

Ginger is known to boost the circulation or flow of blood in the scalp. This, as a result, leads to the optimization of the scalp, improving the environment of the hair such that growth is boosted. Ginger also keeps the hair protected, including its follicles with its enzymes and its oils, making sure no damage occurs.

What you’ll need:

• One ginger root

What to do:

• Start by peeling the ginger
• When you’re done peeling, proceed to grating the ginger
• Next, rub the grated ginger on areas of your scalp where you have noticed that hair growth is scanty. You can apply to every part of your hair if you’re convinced your hair growth is “stunted “.
• Let the grated ginger sit on your hair for at least thirty minutes before rinsing off.
• Rinse of the hair with cool water
• Repeat this procedure dedicatedly twice every week until you begin to see results.


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