The eyes are obviously the most delicate part of the body, with the minutest of hits you could get a black eye, infections could occur and the eyes could even begin twitching without any tangible reason. Weak eye sight is a very common problem today as four in every ten people have issues with their eye sight, though some are even yet to recognize it. Major causes of bad eyesight and poor vision include genetics, poor lifestyle, aging, bad diet amongst others.

If you are seeking ways to fix your eyesight problems via natural means from your home, this article is just what you need. It promises to provide you with sufficient information on what to do to achieve your aim within the shortest possible time.

Stimulate eye muscles frequently

This method is regarded as one of the most efficient methods of improving the eye sight. The effects of this method cannot be overemphasized and to obtain best results, it is advised to carry out this exercise immediately after waking up daily. Simply wash the face with cold water, fill the mouth with some water and close the eyes at the same time. Splash some cold water on the eyes while the water is still in the mouth, the water in the mouth will put pressure on the eye muscles thus stimulating them.

Massaging the eye area

This method is also suggested for improving eyesight, especially tired eyes and eyes that spend long periods looking at screens. To achieve this, hold the brows between the index finger and the thumb such that the thumb is above and the finger beneath. Straighten the brows and press them gently at the same time, this will put some pressure on the eyes. Afterwards, roll the thumb over the eye sockets in a circular manner, gently. You should repeat this every four hours between work.

Check your diet

Ensure you eat a balanced diet, especially one which contains essential vitamins and minerals as this is the best way to keep not just the eyes but the whole body healthy.


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