When you notice your child, especially a baby who cannot talk is uncomfortable, crying so hard and tugging at the ear, one thing comes to mind, the child is having some ache in the ear. Most times this ache might be the result of an infection which studies show that most children under the age of 5 will have at least once. Basically an ear infection is the inflammation of the middle ear (mostly the ear drum and the Eustachian tube, which is the connection between the nose and ear).

Symptoms of ear infection

Your child might not be able to explain how they feel exactly but there are a few symptoms to watch out for that will make you aware of an ear infection, here are some of them.

  1. Batting, tugging or pulling the ear.
  2. Irritability and restlessness.
  3. Having trouble sleeping.
  4. Discharge from the ear.
  5. There could also be some dizziness.


This has been the most recommended way to treat ear infections for several years even though we know they are really not advisable. Most children are known to recover from their ear infections within a few days even without the use of antibiotics. It is advised that instead of going for antibiotics you use natural home remedies instead.

Simple home remedies

There are several simple remedies you can use from home to ease off ear infections, they include the following:

Warm compress

Simply place a warm compress over the child’s ear for about 15 minutes, this will ease the pain considerably.

Warm oil

You can place a few drops of warm sesame oil or olive oil in the ear of the child if you do not suspect a broken ear drum.

Elevate the baby’s head

Place a pillow under the head area of your baby’s mattress to keep the head elevated. This will allow for freer sinus drainage, thus reducing the pain.



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