In case you did not know, what is referred to as dark circles are those dark discolorations under the eyes, they are also known as dark shadows or rings. There are a few reasons why these dark circles form, some of them include heredity, crying for long hours, stress, aging, working for very long periods (especially facing a computer screen), poor diets, and lack of sleep. Dark circles are not necessarily restricted to a particular race or sex or even age group.

Though some people view them as skin problems, they really are not skin problems they are mostly a result of habits and genetics and they have a way of making a person look older and stressed out. It is quite easy to get rid of these dark discolorations under the eyes and you do not need to use any drugs or artificial beauty products, you can use simple remedies made in the home. Let us take a look at a few:

Almond oil

This oil is very beneficial for skin care and health and has been used for several centuries. Consistent use of this oil keeps your skin looking young and smooth and free from any form of discoloration. To remove dark circles simply apply some almond oil on the dark circles, massage and leave overnight. Wash off in the morning and continue the treatment till you cannot find the dark circles anymore.


These are one of the most powerful natural antioxidant agents, they also have great skin lightening abilities and thus are a great home remedy for dark circles. Asides these, they have a way of soothing and refreshing the skin, making it look younger and smoother. To clear dark shadows, cut some cucumber and refrigerate then place over the eyes. After about 30 minutes remove and wash the skin with chilled water, do this twice daily for a week for best results.

There are several other home remedies like using potatoes, tomatoes and rose water. Try any of these and your dark circles will be gone before you know it, making you look younger and fresher.


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