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Natural remedies for dandruff

Dandruff  is a condition that presents itself when the scalp dries up or gets greasy and begins to give off dead skin that are usually seen as flakes of white on the scalp, hair or even shoulders when combed. Even though dandruffs are not a very serious or harmful condition , they could constitute a  nuisance to the ‘carrier’ and cause embarrassment . People spend alot of money purchasing dandruff remedies in the form of shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione which is meant to combat bacteria and fungus, salicylic acid which causes the flakes to ease off easily when being washed and selenium sulphide which helps to reduce the rate at which skin cells grow and die off on the scalp. Fortunately, you can go for natural remedies for your dandruff while you do something better with the money.

What Causes Dandruffs?

It is pretty normal for dead skin cells to be shed occasionally as skin cells are constantly and tirelessly being formed . But with dandruff, the shedding of the skin cells begin to happen more rapidly due to certain factors. Apart from the shedding, they also begin clumping together as white flakes due to the oil released from the scalp.

Dandruffs could be escalated by a number of factors. Some of these factors include :

  • Stress- It is important to incorporate a relaxation routine into a your schedule because stress could affect the immune system, letting the already present malassezia thrive and cause dandruffs. 
  • Oily skin- Seborrhic dermatitis causes this and affects the scalp.
  • Irregularly brushing the hair – dead skin begins to build up on your scalp with irregular brushing. 
  • Dry skin – a skin that lacks sufficient moisture affects the scalp which also becomes dry and itchy. You will also begin to notice the flakes. 
  • Unfavourable weather –  when the weather is too hot, dandruff can become worse due to excessive itching. In cold weather, m the scalp becomes dried up, causing an increase in the flakes. 
  • Feeding-  what you eat could either exacerbate or prevent dandruffs. Foods rich in zinc and Vitamin B helps protect the scalp from the dandruffs. 
  • Irregular Shampooing –  the oil and dead skin cells build up right on the scalp when they are not washed and shampooed regularly. On the other hand, too much shampooing could dry the scalp out and cause dandruffs  
  • Unsuitable Shampoos – shampoos that are alkaline could cause more itching leading to more flakes. Opt for a slightly acidic or a neutral shampoo. 
  • Air Pollution – if unhealthy chemicals in the air get to the skin, irritations could develop on the skin and the scalp, this could cause dandruff. 

Down to the natural remedies that can take care of this problem, they have been carefully selected to suit your comfort as they can easily be gotten anywhere. Stay reading to find out how you can spend less money and achieve more while treating dandruff.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to be the natural remedy for close to everything. One more thing it could be used to remedy is this – dandruff. It is able to perform this task effectively because of its properties. 

One is its ability to hydrate the skin  This property prevents the skin from drying up, you have seen how a dried up scalp escalates the dandruff condition. Coconut oil could be used to get rid of eczema, a skin condition that worsens dandruff. A study was carried out using mineral oil on a group and coconut oil on the another, both groups suffered from eczema. After the experiment, it was found that coconut oil handled the skin condition better than mineral oil.

The antimicrobial properties of the oil also causes it to effectively prevent or combat dandruff .

2. Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera

You will see this as an ingredient in almost every skin product or cosmetic. This is because aloe vera has astounding properties that are great for the skin and even treats skin conditions including sores and burns.

The succulent substance is known to possess antifungal and antibacterial properties that are able to fight dandruff and even prevent it. Studies have been able to prove aloe vera’s ability to reduce inflammations which could relieve the symptoms.

3. Aspirin


Aspirin has recently been found to be useful beyond just pain relief. It contains a substance that makes it anti-inflammatory – salicylic acid. You will find this same ingredient in a lot of anti-dandruff products. It eases off the flakes and gets rid of the dead, scaly skin.

From a study, the effectiveness of salicylic acid was deduced. Nineteen people with dandruff were split into two groups, one group was given a shampoo that contained piroctone olamine and salicylic acid, the other piroctone olamine and zinc pyrithione. At the end of four weeks, both shampoos worked to reduce the dandruff drastically, but it was found that salicylic acid was more effective ,especially in the reduction of the scaly skin.

To use, crush two aspirin tablets and add to your hair. Leave for a while before washing.

4. Baking Soda 

Baking soda

It would surprise you that the remedy to your condition is right there in your kitchen.

Baking soda contains anti-fungal properties that help two fight fungi and drastically reduce dandruff. It could also be used as an exfoliant, getting rid of the dead skin cells and reducing the itches and scales.

An experiment carried out to study the anti-fungal properties of baking soda found that about 79% of the fungal specimens experimented on was inhibited by the baking soda.

To use, be sure to first wet your hair before massaging the powder into the hair. Leave for a few minutes before washing off.


Dandruff can constitute a nuisance and can be rather frustrating. Fortunately  there a lot of natural solutions to the condition that can be relieving and cause a decline in the symptoms. So remember to use one of these if you ever find that your hair is beginning to itch a lot and there are a lot of flakes on your scalp. You could either go solo with them or combine with other anti-dandruff products, whichever works for you.






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