Dark spots are simply discolored patches or pigments that show on different parts of the skin like the back, face, neck, arms, etc. They are also known as age spots or black spots and they come in different colors like grey, red and brown. Studies show that these pigments appear as a result of over secretion of melanin in certain areas of the skin, they vary in color and size but they have one common attribute, they are a major source of discomfort.

Several people have resorted to using makeup to cover them but I suggest that you seek a way to expunge them from your skin totally. This article prescribes several remedies you can prepare from the convenience of your home to help deal with dark spots for good.

Lemon juice

A proverb says that when lemons are thrown at you by life, you simply make lemonade with them. Well, that is not all you can use lemons for, lemons are a rich resource for making several natural remedies, and one of such issues lemons tackle is dark spots. All you need is some lemon juice, water and cotton pad. Simply squeeze the juice into a bowl, add water in equal parts, use the cotton pad to dab the mixture over the affected area and rinse off after twenty minutes. Keep doing this every two days till you achieve desired results.

Vitamin E oil

There is no need to overemphasize the benefits of vitamin E oil to skincare anymore. In fact for this remedy you do not need to mix the oil with any ingredient, simply apply drops to the affected area and rub in daily before going to bed.

Aloe Vera

For many centuries, aloe vera has been a major remedy to several ailments, especially skin related ailments. For this cause, simply use a knife to cut the leaf and gently squeeze out the gel then apply to the affected parts. Leave for twenty minutes and rinse off with clean water. You should apply daily till desired results are achieved.

With these and many more, dark spots will definitely become a thing of the past.


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