Cough in itself is not really bad, as a matter of fact it is quite normal to cough once-in-a-while. Cough is known to be advantageous for a human when not in excess or too frequent as it helps to clear the throat of phlegm and other harmful irritants. Continual cough can however be a result of several conditions which include colds, allergy and infections (sinus, viral or bacterial).

Cough can be treated with over the counter drugs but for those who do not like chemicals, here are a few home remedies for cough.


For several centuries honey has been recognized as a major home remedy for several ailments one of which is sore throat and cough. It is said to ease the throat and bring relief faster than cough syrups containing dextromethorphan. The mixture can be made at home simply by mixing two teaspoons of honey with warm water and a bit of lemon or herbal tea. You can also use the honey with other foods like bread or just take spoonful of honey.


Did your eyes just pop? Yes thyme has strong abilities to cure respiratory illnesses. Studies have shown that mixing the essence extracted from thyme with some ivy works well to bring relief to cough and bronchitis. The throat muscles which are involved in coughing are eased by the flavonoids present in thyme leaves, this way the inflammation is reduced. To make thyme tea, crush the leaves and put 2 teaspoons in a cup of warm water, allow to steep for 10 minutes and strain.

Salt and water

This is relatively simple, just mix about half a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and gargle. It helps to relieve the irritation.

With these remedies cough no longer has a hold over you and more you do not need to buy drugs anymore.


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