I will like this article by asking a few questions, are you one of those seeking so hard to gain some weight? Do you feel somewhat intimidated because of your petite body size? Do feel you need to gain more weight in the right areas to be attractive and gain the attention of the opposite sex? Are you shy about answering any of these in public? You should not be, firstly, it is regular to feel like adding weight when you seem the smallest amongst your peers. Secondly, it is not bad to be in need of attention from the opposite sex, science tells us it has a way of boosting a person’s confidence and adding some spring to your step.

What most people get wrong is the fact that they believe any kind of junk food will make you add weight, now that is not far from the truth but we all know that junk is quite unhealthy for the body. The best kinds of food to eat for weight gain are those with high calorific values which will add to bone density, lean muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. Here are some examples:

  1. Eggs. You can consume about 2 eggs daily, for bodybuilders they consume about 6 eggs daily. This will add to lean muscle mass and improve cell function. Each egg contains 71 calories.
  2. Cheese. Readily available all over the world, this contains about 68 calories per tablespoon. It helps develop strong bones and build muscle mass.
  3. Chicken breast. 1 kg of chicken breast contains about 86 calories. Consume this daily for strong muscle as it is a great source of lean protein.
  4. Banana. Loaded with several nutrients, bananas are a great way to increase weight. They can be consumed raw or made into smoothies. 1 cup contains 89 calories, great for weight gain.
  5. Oily fish. Tuna, salmon, cod and herring are part of this family. They contain lean protein which helps build lean muscle mass. You find 206 calories in every 100 grams.

Weight gain can be quite difficult, almost as difficult as losing it, just keep at it and you will get there soon enough.


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