Ginger is a well-known food spice mostly used in Asian and Indian dishes. A lot of cooks make use of ginger practically in everything they cook. A reason for this is asides the numerous health benefits accrued to it, it gives meals an appetizing aroma. Ginger is known for its rich vitamin content such as vitamins C and B6. It also has embedded in it carbohydrates, fibre, protein, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, folate and so on. When you consume 100 grams of fresh ginger in a day it is safe to assume you are on a balanced diet.

Ginger can be consumed in different ways for example, dried powdery form added to food and drinks, freshly crushed for cooking or boiled for tea. It can also be made into capsules as a cure for heartburn and so on.

Major health benefits of ginger


There are phenolic compounds in ginger which are helpful to ease gastrointestinal irritation. It stimulates saliva and suppresses gastric contractions as fluid and food moves through the tracts. It increases speed of digestion. This may suggest that it could prevent colon cancer and constipation.


Taking ginger tea or chewing raw ginger is mostly used to cure nausea during cancer treatment. It can also be effective in motion sickness. Most of all ginger can be used to cure nausea resulting from pregnancy. A friendly way of consuming ginger is through ginger candies.

Pain reduction

This is definitely great news for women suffering menstrual cramps. Ginger is a great antidote to relieve this pain. All you need is either to boil it as tea or just chew it and you can be sure of relief in less than no time. It is also good for relieving muscle pain resulting from exercise.

Cardiovascular functions

Ginger is good food for improving the heart condition. It reduces cholesterol intake, the risk of blood clotting, maintains a healthy blood sugar level, and prevents diabetes. Some people actually use ginger in the treatment of heart diseases and diabetes.

All in all ginger can cure a lot of diseases and prevent terrible health conditions from happening.


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