Health benefits of dates


Since time immemorial dates have been known for their sweetness and versatile health benefits. Dates have the shape of an olive and contain a soft, sweet pulp which encloses a hard kernel. They grow in different tropical areas around the world.

Dates contain lots of quality vitamins and minerals and should be consumed more often, if possible on a daily basis. The health benefits of dates are too many to count. They include relieving constipation, energy boosting, prevention of night blindness, improving skin care, weight gain, supporting healthy pregnancy and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of eating dates in more detail.

Health benefits of dates

Strengthen the bones

Calcium, vitamin K, selenium, magnesium, and copper are all necessary minerals for a healthy and strong bones. The good news is that it has been proven scientifically that dates have all these minerals in abundance. So if you need strong bones I will advise you to add some dates to your diet.

Aids indigestion and constipation

In case you have problems with indigestion or constipation, dates are a great remedy. They contain very high fiber content. Fiber is helpful in preventing indigestion and constipation.

Improve brain function

As one grows old the brain tissue begin to degenerate and lose mental function. This doesn’t have to be the case, taking the right diet can help renew the brain cells frequently. Adding dates to your diets can help to lower inflammation and prevent plaque from forming in the brain.

Easy natural birth process

Eating dates all through the last few weeks of pregnancy may increase cervical dilation and lower the need for a caesarean procedure. Eating dates may also help to reduce labor time.

Skin care

If you are the kind of person crazy about smooth and fresh skin, then you need to include dates to your diet. Dates contain some vitamins that help make your skin smooth and fresh. In cases where injury is sustained on the skin, it helps to heal fast.

In wrapping this up it is evident that the benefits of date consumption cannot be overemphasized, get some dates today.


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