Have You Tried Using a Beer on Your Hair?


If you’ve been searching for something that would meet all the needs of your hair, then beer has go to be it! Yes, the beer you have while chilling out with friends at a bomb party or at a simple hangout where everyone’s cracking jokes and laughing. Beer is actually almost as effective and as popular as all the other hair care products. Infact, some or most hair products now have beer as a major ingredient, and this is for a good reason. It’s major ingredient, silica, is used usually as a nail and hair supplement. It is known to add volume to the hair. Other ingredients contained in beer include vitamin B, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, proteins, maltose and sucrose. Sadly, to maximize these benefits, you don’t drink it (sorry), you let the liquor waste pour onto your hair and you rinse it off. When you give your hair a beer rinse or soak, the natural ingredients of the beer coats every strand on your scalp and provides nourishment for it.
When trying out beer’s hair care benefits, it is advised that you go for beer brewed traditionally from hops. This is so as to minimize chemicals and maximize nutrients, considering some of the commercial ones contain stuff that are not healthy for the body. Beer is known to boost the health and growth of the hair. You should try it!

Benefits of Beer For The Hair

Makes Hair Shine

Beer is rich in malt which makes the hair glossier. It contains sugar, antioxidants and vitamin B which add lustre to your hair. This should be good news if your hair recently began to look like a graveyard – lifeless. You could make a beer hair mask (yes, there are those) from beer, olive oil and some water. Apply the liquid mixture completely on your hair, leaving no part out. The result of this would get everyone complimenting your hair’s gloss, of course you’ll love that.

Increases Volume

This benefit is for you if you’ve noticed a thinning in your hair, along with lots of loose ends. The solution to your problem just might be in a bottle of beer. The beer does this by improving the blood flow in the scalp by reason of its mineral and vitamin content. Silica, another beer ingredient also plays a major role – it is infact the ingredient majorly responsible for increase in thickness and volume of the hair. The activated yeast found in beer plumps up the hair cuticles, responsible for volume of the hair. With the volume comes a bounciness of the hair that makes it look extremely healthy.

Strengthens Hair

The cuticles are an important part of the hair that provide the strength of the hair, it actually is a group of dead cells clustered at the hair’s surface. The cuticles could get damaged by a lot of reasons which include harsh environmental factors like heat, snow or rain. It could also be damaged by certain hair styles and heat treatment. The proteins in a beer repair damaged hair, making the hair look healthy and strong.

Gets Rid of Dandruff

The alcohol content in beer is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  For this reason, the beer is able to cleanse the hair of even dandruff. It works even better when combined with an Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Remedies Oily Hair

Beer has the ability to control the natural oil produced in the scalp. It is also able to get rid of extra pollutants. If you notice that your hair is a lot more oily than normal, then maybe it’s time to get a buy a beer for your hair. Its pH is acidic, a property that makes it able to balance out the oily scalp and reduce greasiness. Over use of the beer however could cause you to develop a dry hair. Don’t use it so often, your hair might end up worse than it was before you started.

Conditions Hair

The hair shaft is responsible or controls the hair’s frizz. Beer plays a part in the prevention of frizzy hair by closing the hair shaft. You could add some olive oil to the beer before use, to enhance the conditioning effect of the beer. The beer to which you add some olive oil should be warm. This is a much more effective conditioner than a lot of conditioning hair products. Your hair will turn out so soft you’ll dump all your chemical – based conditioners.

Promotes hair growth

The malt, yeast and hop contained in the beer causes its abundance in magnesium, iron, vitamin B12, phosphorus, copper and antioxidants. With such nutrients, the hair is definitely bound to grow. Since the beer clears the scalp and causes quicker flow of blood, new hair is able to thrive.

Lightens Hair Colour

Beer could sometimes act as a natural highlighter. What this means is that it emphasizes the colour of the hair and causes it to be brighter. It’s not as effective as a salon highlighter, however it does a good job. It’s majorly ideal for the blonde or people who have brown coloured hair, it easily lightens the colour and makes it brighter. If however your hair colour is not mentioned here, then it’s much better to have your hair highlighted at a salon. You could used honey and lemon along with the beer to enhance and boost its effectivity.

It’s always best to have everything in moderation, even in beauty and cosmetics. Too little or too much could mar its entire essence, same goes for a beer. This is why it’s not totally advisable to purchase beer-based hair products like shampoos and conditioners. It’s important you note that you would still need to shampoo normally, especially to mask it’s smell. Excessive beer use could cause severe dryness on your hair which could lead to itching and dandruff. It’s also necessary that people on coloured hair stay away from a beer or beer based hair products for at least six months. The beer could cause unwanted dryness on your hair if it gets in contact with the dyes.


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