While some people have very soft natural hair without putting any efforts making their natural hair very easy for them to manage, some others have very coarse and tough hair that discourages them from maintaining their natural hair but can be made soft with care and consistent use of the right products. There is no such thing as ‘hair that can never be soft’ every type of hair no many how tough can be made soft.

Water/ water based products:

The first thing you need for a healthy soft natural hair is water and more water, after water you’ll need to be intentional about including water based products into your hair regimen. Since the hair thrives best on hydration, it is very important to use water based products quite often to keep the hair hydrated moisturized and healthy. Hydrating your hair often prevents it from getting dry as dry hair is usually tough. As much as you can use water based products, nothing beats using water itself very often!


Mild shampoo:

You need a mild shampoo to reduce the product build up in your scalp especially oils to allow for easy penetration of your conditioners to do the softening.

Deep conditioner:

Deep conditioning is definitely the way to go to achieving an easily manageable natural hair. When applying your conditioner, be generous with it. What the conditioner does to your hair is to coat your hair with softening ingredients to make it feel softer with every application. (try not to use way too much conditioner) when applying a conditioner, try to do it in segments, do not apply conditioner on the hair as a whole and then begin to try to work it round, you may not be able to spread it generously to every strand.

Apply some heat while conditioning. There are several ways to go with this, you either cover your hair with a plastic caps after conditioning or heat up your conditioner before applying on your hair. The heat allows for more of the conditioner to stay in your hair making it softer.

Tea rinse:

This method entails rinsing your hair with the extracts from tea bags. This method has several benefits apart from softening your hair, it also strengthens and causes your hair to shine because of its caffeine content.


There’s no such thing as too much moisture for your hair, so have a small bottle of sprits that you can walk about with to wet your hair occasionally to avoid dryness so that it remains soft. Even if you have extensions on, you should never neglect your sprits, moisturize your hair line beneath the extensions. An effective DIY sprits method is a mix of glycerine, olive oil and water.


Ignore all the talk that goes on about glycerine being bad for the hair, research shows that glycerine attracts water from the atmosphere to your hair which means that the more glycerine in your hair, the more moist your hair is leaving it soft always.

Moisture is the secret to a soft hair, instead of spending time looking for more products to get your hair soft, maintain the moisturizing products you already have, be consistent and patient and watch your hair soften


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