Baldness is not a sudden occurrence, there is always a buildup. For someone to become bald it takes a period of time and it is best arrested before it spreads all over the head. Baldness is mostly noticed in men approaching the age of forty and above but most women argue that there is hardly a chance they can get bald. The truth is that baldness is not a respecter of sex, anyone can get bald and it begins with the thinning of the hair.

There are numerous reasons why a person could go bald, we will look at a few in the next section.

Causes of baldness

  1. If one discovers that his or her parents have become bald at some point, that fellow should be ready because there is a 95% he or she is going to be plagued by the same issue.
  2. Health conditions. Some disease could cause a person to lose hair and the hair may not grow back.
  3. Exposing the hair to wrong creams and chemicals.

Best way to get your hair back

There are several methods of growing the hair back such as medicinal methods via the use of drugs and implants and artificial hair treatments. The most recommended method is the natural method which has no side effects and happens to be the cheapest method there is so far. Most of the natural treatment methods require the use of warm or hot oil, such as castor oil, coconut oil, olive and canola oils, etc. Massaging this oils into the scalp helps to improve circulation around the hair roots which is vital to hair growth. Below are a few hair growth tips:

  1. Get some olive oil or castor oil and massage into the scalp generously on a daily basis. This helps to activate dormant hair follicles.
  2. Get some onion juice and rub it in. it helps in generating new hair.
  3. Consume foods that are very rich in iron and proteins.
  4. Take lots of water.
  5. Take foods rich in vitamins D and E, they are known to induce rapid hair growth.

Most of all, it is best you take a lot of rest and stay away from stress as much as you can while carrying out these measures for best results.


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