Hair facts you did not know


One of the things we’re concerned about is the health of our hair. We bother about the style, colour, texture and everything else.
We often think we know our hair better than anyone else, afterall we spend countless hours taming and styling. However, there’s a whole lot you did not know about your own strands. A lot of weird stuff go on in there that you have no clue about, and I’m going to tell you some of them. It should be fun learning stuff about your hair you did not know.
Let’s get on with it already!

1. The Hair is made of same stuff as feathers

Shocked? Well, yes, your hair and feathers are very much alike.Keratin is the protein found in the hair that you will find in millions of other stuff. We’re talking about horns, claws, finger nails and even beaks. If we’re going a bit further, keratin is made of eighteen amino acids!

2. Heat stimulates growth

If you live in a climate that’s cold, chances are its low temperature is causing your hair to grow slower. So if you find that your hair is having growth issues, then maybe you should get more sunshine or find yourself in an environment that is warm. Warm temperatures stimulate better blood circulation which improves the growth of hair. Make no mistake, the hair does not stop growing till it gets to the end of its phase. It could however grow faster or slower depending on how favourable the environment and weather is. Once you get your hair exposed to some heat, it will grow faster than usual

3. The Hair is Majorly there for protection.

You probably thought the hair is just for beauty but its function goes beyond this. The head, unlike the other parts of the body, has no fat to act as a protective layer. The hair is there to make up for the absence of a protective fatty layer. It protects us from cold on days when we’re more likely to shiver as a result of the weather. You know, kind of like same way the animals have their furs to keep them warm.

4. Blondes Have More Hair

The most common hair colour is black, then blonde, brown’s up next, with red being the rarest (1%). Your hair colour to an extent determine how much hair you have and for the blondes, they have more hair strands than the other humans. The redheads do not have as much hair as the others with other hair colours.

5. The Hair Grows Really Fast

The hair grows at an unbelievable rate. The bone marrow is the fastest growing tissue. After the bone marrow comes the hair as the second fastest growing tissue. Infact, your hair is growing currently as you read it, only about 10% are in the telogen or resting phase.

5. You spend more time than you think on your hair

Don’t believe it? Averagely, females spend about six hours every week washing your hair, conditioning, styling and blow-drying. Calculate how much that is in a year and you’ll get thirteen whole days dedicated to your hair!

6. Your Hair Will Always Grow Back

Once a hair breaks off, is plucked out or falls off, a new one starts to grow in its place IMMEDIATELY. This process could go on for more than twenty times in a lifetime.

7. One Strand Can Last Long

A single hair strand can live for up to seven years. This is so except you pull them out or they break off with vigorous brushing.

8. The Locks Adjust with Time

The hair will usually take some time to adjust to a particular condition. For example, when you get a new haircut, the hair takes some time (maybe a few days) to adjust and settle into the new shape before you eventually get the full effect of your haircut. Same thing applies when you get anew hair product and try it out. The hair takes a few days to adjust and you’ll most likely lose a few strands.

9. You Really don’t know how much hair you have

Averagely, we have about 1.5 million strands of hair on our hair at a given time. This means when you see a few clumps of hair go off when you comb your hair, there’s nothing to worry about- you have so much more!

10. It can give off actions

Even though your hair is your best friend, it’s such snitch. How? The hair has all the information about everything you’ve taken into your body. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. It has information that will tell if you’ve been good or bad. It will give off information about what drugs you have taken, what you’ve eaten or what you’ve drunk. It’s a good thing it doesn’t speak! That’s why a lot of forensics include it as evidence. You didn’t expect it to have that much information, did you?

11. It’s not unique to gender

What this invariably means is that you cannot tell gender from the hair. Yes, we know we said the hair could practically tell everything about us, but the one thing it cannot tell is your gender. This could be a lot to take in considering you didn’t think the male and female hair structures are the same. You should be wondering why the male and female shampoos are different. It is because maintenance and lifestyle is different for males and females. Males only have their hair grow for about three inches after which they will often get a haircut. Females on the other hand leave their hair to grow way longer and will therefore need a shampoo that can work its way through the length of the hair. Females also need more moisture than the males do, not to mention, they love the smell of flowers and coconuts – males do not (their loss).
So apparently, the gender is the only thing your hair cannot decipher.


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