Habits you don’t know can negatively affect your vaginal health


You know what they say about healthy vaginas? It makes a happy woman.It is often the littlest things that give us the greatest joy, and also are often the root of the gravest problems. This equally applies to your vagina. Your vagina is a delicate microbiome, and everything from your diet to your wardrobe  can affect it;From keeping your pads or tampons on for too long, to not getting checkups as often as you should or hanging out in dirty, sweaty clothes.

More often than not, you tend to ignore your special lady parts and most times your special lady parts feels left. Your vagina is always there for you when it comes to your pleasure, besides, it also bleeds 3-5 days every month, don’t you think it is entitled to extra care and attention. While most of us fail to pay attention to it, almost all of us are guilty of doing some really random things we don’t know that can really mess with the health of your vagina. For instance, wearing an underwear that is clearly too tight for you, it doesn’t just stop at making you uncomfortable, it also makes things worse down there. And, not just that, the way you wipe down there can also be one of the reasons that cause harm to your genitals.

Here are everyday habits that can mess up your vaginal health:

  • Staying in sweaty gym clothes for long

Excessive moisture and warmth breeds the perfect recipe f While most people are very prompt about washing up and changing as soon as they’re done exercising, there are some who are not really worked up about about changing after exercising.

Unfortunately, having the clothes you had on while exercising tends to hold sweat, and this sweat is not good for your vaginal health. The moisture and warmth that comes from sweat retained in your sweaty clothes breed the perfect recipe for for yeast production, and this yeast production unavoidably leads to getting a yeast infection,and i’m sure that’s not what you want. All you have to do is make sure you change out of your sweaty gym wears, wet swimsuit or any wet cloth you had on as soon as you can.

  • Wearing pants that are too tight or your choice of underwears

It is true we all have our panty preference. It is also true that those tiny thongs makes you look all sexy, but the question should be, ‘is there any risk involved in wearing thongs? Sadly, the answer is Yes!

Thongs are non-breathable fabrics could lead to irritation and infections, and worse yet, a garment as uncomfortable as a thong could be really bad for women who are already prone to vaginal infections.The way your thong is shaped tends to cover the front of your groin area and then tapers toward the back; since the vaginal opening is actually closer to your anus, this means it doesn’t get full coverage,  hence leaving it open for bacteria to settle in

Aside from thongs, tight panties generally result in skin chafing. It may also cause vaginal irritation. Besides, when you get sweat down there, your underwear becomes a breeding space for bacteria and yeast. What happens there is, your tight underwear constricts your vagina from breathing, which blocks the easy of passage of air, thereby, giving bacteria the liberty to flourish down there

  • Not letting your vagina breathe

This might come off as weird to you, but going butt naked sometimes is highly advisable. Ideally while you’re sleeping is a good time to air your vajayjay out, allowing it to maintain the optimal pH balance and not exposing it to friction and heat because of imposing fabrics. Plus, you’re probably most comfortable underwear-less while sleeping, but if you are in general too, nobody’s going to stop you from going commando on a regular day out either,except, of course, when you’re wearing tight pants like skinny jeans or leggings, which can cause germs to be pushed into the vulva and up into the vagina because of the direct contact.

  • Smoking

If you have chronic vagina infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV), your cigarette habit could be to blame. Doctors have been unsure of the exact link between smoking and increased BV risk, but a small study in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases found that female smokers had a greater imbalance of their vagina’s natural flora than non-smokers, which can lead to recurrent BV

  • Wiping the wrong way

You may want to watch the way you wip your butt from now onward Because,  the way you clean your butts can really affect your vaginal health. So, if you’re in the habit of wiping from back to front, you need to stop. Wiping it from back to front causes bacteria from the rectum to transfer to the tissues and then to your vagina. Also, make sure you don’t use the same tissue to clean your butt and vagina. Or best, use just water as it washes the bacteria and the fecal matter completely.

  • Using liners and tampons for discharge

Pantyliners and tampons are meant for absorbing menstrual blood, not heavy discharge, so you should never, ever wear one if you’re having a discharge problem. You may feel it absorbs your heavy discharge and make you feel cleaner, but pantyliners can be highly irritable to sit in especially as you are not getting your period, and using tampons for discharge can cause incubation of bacteria inside you.

  • Ignoring any kind of vaginal discomfort or even failing to complete your cycle of medication

Ignoring any kind of vaginal dicomfort is the worst thing you can do to yourself. If you’ve been seeing unusual discharge, feeling itchy or notice any signs of a vaginal infection, stop ignoring it and get yourself to a doctor. A yeast infection is a pretty common phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean it’ll go away just like that, and you never know if it could be something far more serious than that.

And if you do make it to a doctor, please complete the dosage of medicine they prescribe to you.

  • Washing it

When washing your vagina, water is all you need, sticking any sort of soap up there is a no no and could definitely lead to irritation and mess with the internal pH level. And in general, be gentle with the area, whether cleaning inside or outside. Another way to ensure a healthy vagina is to use protection when it comes to all sexual activity and actively clean the sex toy/vibrator you might be using, after each time.




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