Habits of Women who always look Attractive


Being attractive is not all about what one wears, as it can be easy to compare ourselves to other people, especially when we feel self-conscious with our body shape or skincare. But thankfully, there are some simple habits we can follow of women who have practiced self-care (internally and externally) for a long time.

Because it’s not just the creams you put on your skin or what you don’t eat, that keeps you beautiful for years. It’s also the thoughts you have about yourself or the way you view others that can shape the way you look. So check them out, give them a try. As women, we are already very desirable and gorgeous to start out with. We can add that extra flare such as clothing’s and make-up, if your habits are gearing towards the negative side then clothes and makeup will not make you look more attractive to others, enhance the beautiful person that you already are and maintain your health and beauty by applying the most popular traits and habits of attractive women.  These habits can make you more attractive.

Ten habits of attractive women

  • Good listeners:

   Besides holding a meaningful conversation, serving as a good listener is extremely important when looking for friends or for a partner. When people know they are being listened to attentively, they will have a greater sense of love and appreciation for you. In the fast paced world we are living in now, it is not easy to get someone’s attention. We are either checking our Instagram notifications or doing something else that involves yet another screen. So being attentive, making eye contact and nodding when speaking with someone is rare these days. It will be appreciated and will help you look more attractive.


  • Knowing once self-worth:

Be sure of your value. Be confident in the fact that you are intrinsically valuable as a human being and more so because of your character, intelligence and kind actions. It’s been said before that confidence is sexy, and self-love is the best way to build self-confidence. Project your value with your head held high. Meet the gaze of others directly and say to yourself, I would make a great catch for the partner who is worthy of me. Be careful not to cross the line into arrogance. Aim for an attitude of gentle self-assurance. Being confident is not as easy as just saying “I will be more confident”. There is a lot of work that goes into it. But don’t worry, it is still very possible. I’m living proof that even introverts can be confident. Here are confidence tips that you can implement and help you take on anything you are faced with.

  • Forgiveness is key:

     Self-improvement is synonymous with continually learning. Studies that consider desirable traits in a partner show that, psychological traits are important  in human mating, with both sexes valuing intelligence and kindness very highly.

Intelligence doesn’t have to mean that you have a degree. You can demonstrate intelligence to a potential mate by learning from mistakes and handling it well when you make one. You can demonstrate self-kindness by forgiving yourself for making a mistake in the first place; then, show what you’ve learned by avoiding the mistake in the future.

  • Nourish your skin by eating healthy:

  Nourishing your insides through eating the right foods helps nourish your skin. Radiant skin is always attractive, and beauty starts from the inside. Think about a potential mate watching you as you eat. Would your potential mate be more attracted to you if they saw you eating some greasy fast food or dining on a gourmet vegan meal that you had prepared yourself!


  • Always plan your wardrobe:

    We are very, sure you are all familiar with the struggle of trying to decide what you will wear every morning. Even with a full closet of clothes, somehow at that moment, it always seems like you have absolutely nothing to wear.

Another downside is that you usually don’t have enough time to try on different outfits in the morning. So you might find yourself walking out in an outfit that you really don’t like, but that will “just have to do for the day” because you just couldn’t find the right outfit combination that morning. All of the stress of trying to find the right outfit in the morning can be straining and could easily ruin your day. Plus you don’t need to be making this decision so early in the morning.

There is a way to avoid this, is by planning your outfit a day before the event, you’re preparing for, developing this one habit will surely help you in the long run. You will no longer have to take so much time in the morning trying to decide what you should wear. Planning your outfits when you have enough time will surely help you be more attractive. And you could keep those great decision-making skill for other important things that will come at you during the day.

  • Working out regularly:

   Working is obviously good for your health and can keep you fit. There is another big upside to it though. When you work out you will look better.

In addition to that, working out can help you relieve stress and feel more energetic. This outcome will in you looking and feeling more attractive. It boosts your confidence while making you look your best. In addition to that, working out can help you relieve stress and feel more energetic. This outcome will in you looking and feeling more attractive. It boosts your confidence while making you look your best.


  • Great sense of humor:

   People all around, of all kinds, appreciate someone with a good sense of humor, or at-least someone who can laugh at his or her problems and has an optimistic look on life. Life is often hard and being able to laugh through the difficult times is an extremely attractive quality, it proves a person’s strength, often earning respect.

In conclusion this simple things, would make you an envy of many women, keep to this simple tips, and do not forget to drop your comments on how it works, bye.











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