How to grow natural African hair fast


There are several factors and routines that influence the growth of hair, but even with these factors the growth is a gradual process that will occur over time. A lot of people are usually too eager to watch their hair gain length like magic but it never happens. For the hair to grow into its full length, you have to dully take note of the factors that will enhance this growth as well as the routine you need to adopt to aid the growth.

Research shows that an average person’s hair grows about half an inch a month, equal to nearly six inches per year. While this is the average measurement, it is likely for some people’s hair growth to fall below or above this estimation. Also, while this might be due to routines, it could also simply be generic.

One interesting thing about hair growth is that most times, others see the growth of your hair better than you do. This is likely because of the anxiety you have about seeing the hair grow that a slight growth goes unnoticed by you because of expectation of a dramatic growth.

Protective styling:

There is every chance of your hair breaking as it grows longer if you do not adopt constant protective styling to help with length retention. As opposed to braids, twist, and buns to refer to protective styling, you may also want to consider other means that may be called protective styling. Using heat protectant if you have to use heat on your hair, cutting off use of direct heat. All these are part of the styling process and so should be paid close attention to even before the actual style.


Inappropriate hair care:

This is usually the reason why most people do not experience regular hair growth. You should know that no one’s hair is an exact replica of yours. Hence you need to find your own routine because adopting another person’s hair care may be at the risk of your hair.

Use Caffeine:

As much as caffeine is good for hair growth, the hair can be tricky so remember to test and observe. If it turns out that caffeine does not do it for you, you should totally drop it and research other substitutes.

Natural products:

While creating your hair care routine and buying products, always look at the ingredients of every product before purchase. Try to use 100% natural products on your hair as you do not know what effects chemical products may have on your hair.

Be alert when on medication:

It will surprise you to know that there are some medications that reflect in the way your hair grows. Some medications may make your hair thinner therefore causing it to be weak and break. If you notice any negative changes in your hair while on any medication, see your doctor for a substitute one, your hair is just as important.



To experience healthy hair growth, there are some must have products.

Deep conditioner

Edge control

Leave in conditioner

Shea butter(or products containing shea butter),

Essential oils (find which works for you)




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