Virtually every lady’s dream is to have long and thick hair as they believe this makes them more attractive and elegant. Some are blessed to have been born with lush hair so to say while others will have to struggle to get theirs. Due to the high demand for long and thick hair, several companies have come up with serums and oils as well as creams to grow the hair, most of which are artificial. As we know it, hair products or rather beauty products which are artificial in nature work quite fast but end up having several side effects on the individual and thus it is not advisable for people to indulge in using such products. Asides this, most of the products available are quite expensive, why spend a fortune on an artificial product when you can spend far less on the healthier natural product which you can make from home.

Onions are known to be very healthy and rich in several minerals and vitamins, the juice from onions has been used for several decades as a remedy for so many ailments and hair related issues. Onion juice contains huge amounts of sulphur which a very important element in preventing hair loss and promoting rapid growth. The sulphur is found in amino acids, the base components of protein, as you already know, protein is necessary for growing long and thick hair, especially keratin.

When onion juice is added to the scalp, it helps to add the extra sulphur required for rapid growth of strong and thick hair, this in turn helps to combat hair loss efficiently. The onion juice also helps to improve collagen production which is necessary for the production of healthy cells in the hair.

Finally onion juice is recognized to helps improve circulation, circulation is very important if there is going to be improvement with hair growth. The more blood is supplied to the hair follicles, the faster the hair will grow.

How to get onion juice

Simply get a bulb or two of onions and crush them in a blender. You can decide to strain the mixture afterwards for clean onion juice, then pour into a bottle for safe keeping.


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