Almost every person begins to cringe at the thought of losing their hair, women especially will give everything to have very full and silky hair. Here is some news flash that you might not like to hear, as we get older our hair tends to get thinner. Most become bald while some others just get receding hairlines. A few factors are responsible for this unwanted hair loss, some of them include genetics, artificial hair treatments over time, the action of free radicals and pollution, amongst several others.

To keep your hair for as long as you can you will need to eat the right diet, stay healthy, develop great life habits, all these along with hormonal balance will sure keep your hair healthy. One thing you should know is that using artificial products on the hair end up causing more harm than good, it is best advised to use natural remedies for the hair. One of such will be discussed in this article, garlic.

Studies have shown that garlic has the ability to improve hair growth drastically, prevent gray hair and hair loss all at the same time. This is possible because it contains several nutrients which are essential for hair growth and combat hair loss problems. Below are a few ways you can use garlic on your hair.

  1. Along with coconut oil. Simply add some garlic juice to your coconut oil, heat it a little bit and allow to simmer. When cool, apply to the scalp and massage gently, this should be done about thrice a week.
  2. Along with olive oil. Put some pods of garlic in a bottle of olive oil and leave there for about a week. Take some of this oil and apply to your hair at night, then wash off in the morning.
  3. In shampoo and conditioner. Add some garlic juice to your shampoo and use it to wash the hair, you can also add some honey as well. Ensure you use this just twice a month.

Garlic oil. You can buy natural garlic oil or just make yours at home and apply to your hair frequently.


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