Skin Glow using Natural Essential oils (Home Remedies)

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We often overlook, the way our body and skin fells and looks, not acknowledging the fact should be pampered, to enable its healthiness and this can be achieved by using simple essential pleasures of life. This could make your skin the envy of many as having a well-treated skin attracts people’s attention. But this properties and skin care routines, we seem to forget always, this essential oils and how they aid your skin to glow naturally, is what we are going to be discussing in today’s article. Many studies have shown and proven that over ninety-eight naturally extracted oil’s, that are highly recommended for the topical use of treating all kinds of skin conditions that dehydrates the skin, and reduces its oil production which results to having a dry, itchy, and cracked skin, and discoloration of the skin generally.

Essential oil Remedies

  • Tea tree oil:
natural glowing skin
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The tea tree oil is very useful in controlling acne, and other skin like conditions, as it exhibits antimicrobial agents that kills against the excessive production of pH, and keeps the skin clear as well as prevents any form of skin breakage. How to use: take about five to six drops of the tea tree essential oil, and a tablespoon of virgin honey, mix this together, and then apply on your face and allow to sit, and work its magic for at least fifteen to twenty minutes tops, before rinsing this off properly (do this once a day for efficient results) the properties of anti-inflammatory nutrients in it helps greatly in improving the quality of your skin.

  • Lavender oil:

      Many studies has shown that the lavender essential oil, possesses anti-inflammatory components, and with just a few drops of this oil (at least about a few drops of the lavender oil, and five tablespoons of freshly extracted aloe vera gel), use this mixture as both facial, and body mask, and leave for 20 minutes, after which it should be washed off, this routine should be religiously followed and done every day. This remedy would reduce the high rate of skin irritation, redness, and any other cause of skin discoloration, and aid the restoration of your natural skin tone and brightens the skin properly.

  • Roseship oil:
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  This essential oil is well known, and recognized for its deep anti-aging and wrinkles treatments, as it is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A&E, that can penetrate into the layers of your skin, and aids the regeneration of skin cells, lightens up scars, banishes wrinkles, and makes those fine lines and crow’s feet disappear instantly.

How to use: take a teaspoon of the rosehip essential oil, with three teaspoons of aloe vera gel, and about five drops of lavender oil pour into a bottle shake thoroughly, then before retiring for bed at night use this oil to massage the corners of your eyes, leave and wash this off the next morning.

  • Rosemary oil:

     According to recent studies, this essential oil is highly recommended for skin care, as it is enriched with oxidative that defends and helps the body, and prevents harmful radicals from causing any kind or form of skin damage. How to use: this remedy should be used as followed, take six drops of the rosemary oil, and add a tablespoon of the aloe gel, apply this oil on your body and massage for a while, and after twenty to thirty minutes it should be washed out, this would boost blood circulation, and reduce skin inflammation.

  • Lemon oil:
natural glowing skin
img lemon oil

Taking about twenty drops of the lemon essential oil daily, and blending it with half a cup of the safflower oil (by means of steering) store this mixture inside a clean air tight bottle, and use this before going to bed, carefully use to massage your neck, face, and other body parts (sleep with this on, as most of this oils tend to work better at night), and wash off in the morning. This recipe works because, it is great for the reduction of nitrosative, and oxidative stress respectively. It also tend to fight off any kind of mild or chronic signs of aging.

  • Sandalwood oil:

The sandalwood essential oil is very good, when used to take care of the skin, as it has agents that can be used in clearing out, and giving your skin a shiny glow, and kill all forms of skin blemishes. All that is needed for this treatment is a tablespoon of almond oil, and four drops of sandalwood oil, and properly steer together and apply all over the affected areas, leave for thirty minutes before washing off. This oil as earlier said treats different skin conditions, contains chemo preventive agents that combats skin cancer, which reduces that particular risk for any individual.

  • Ylang-ylang oil:  
natural glowing skin
img ylang ylang oil

To make use of this essential oil, one must add a teaspoon of unrefined jojoba, or coconut oil (based on your most preferred), and mix with about three drops of the ylang-ylang oil. And carefully mix this oil on your palm using a finger, then massage on your face and neck, before going to bed at night, and wash the next morning. This essential oil works to preserve the skin for multiple reasons, since it contains antioxidants, which aids the promotion of skin renewal, by repairing the protein and lipids found in the skin. The scavenging capacity prevents aging, which makes this oil, mostly found in most anti-aging cosmetics products.

  • Neroli oil:

Take a clean and dry spray bottle, a glass of rose water, a tablespoon of freshly extracted aloe vera gel, and ten drops of the neroil oil, shake the bottle, until you can see that the ingredients have been properly mixed, then sprits the mist on your body (with the exemption of your private parts) do this alternately every day. This oil is an extraction from the flowers of the bitter orange fruit. And works due to the robust anti-fungal content found in it, as compared to the antibiotics that rebuilds the elasticity of your skin, making your skin glow naturally. This can be used regularly, and as much as possible.

One must note that, all the above mentioned essential oils may not begin to work immediately one starts using them, but when this routine is religiously followed it aids and assist you skin on getting back its glow.


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