get rid of vaginal discharge

Leucorrhea, which is the medical name for vaginal discharge, is a condition that can be somewhat tricky and embarrassing at the same time. For some women they get to have it just once in a while, and for others it is a daily occurrence. Regardless of this, depending on the characteristics of the discharge it can either be healthy or a sign of infection. A healthy discharge is usually clear white, without a foul smell or causing any irritation. This really does not require any cure, with a panty liner you can be sure to be fine for the rest of the day.

Once it is noticed that the discharge sports a color different from the regular, probably green or yellow, and it comes with a strange foul smell, you could infer that all is not well. The change in color most probably is a result of an infection, infections always come with a lot of irritations and itching. If all these are noticed, you can be sure that there is an infection somewhere. Another cause of vaginal discharge could be a fluctuation in the hormones during the lady’s cycle. This fluctuation could lead to a rise in estrogen which will in turn cause an increase in exfoliation of the epithelial cells of the vagina.

At the end of the day, it is imperative that every lady pays attention to their regular discharge so that when an alteration is observed, necessary steps can be taken to regularize it. Join me as we take a journey to view a few ways to rid the vagina of excessive discharge.

1. Natural yogurt. We all know that the vagina contains a variety of flora, the cultures present in yogurt are quite similar to these flora. This is a major reason why it is an effective remedy for vaginal infections that result in fluid expulsion. The probiotics present in yogurt work outright on the agents causing the infection to inhibit their growth and restore normalcy. The method of use is simply to take a few spoons of natural yogurt and rub it externally on the vagina. It should be left to dry without washing off. This process should be repeated a couple of times daily, for more effective treatment, you can eat a cup of yogurt daily.
2. Infusing with garlic. Studies show that garlic is a very potent antibiotic and thus it has been used for years to cure several conditions. It reduces excess vaginal discharge by eliminating bacteria and yeast. To use this treatment simply crush 2 or 3 cloves of garlic and put them in some boiling water to brew. You should drain the mixture and allow to cool. Use the liquid to wash the affected area every night for a week.
3. Baking soda. This is a common ingredient in our kitchens, more than that it is made up of organic compounds which help in arresting excessive vaginal discharge and foul odor. These compounds restore the pH of the vagina and also create a wall of defense against unfriendly fungi and germs. To use this mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a class of water and drink daily. You can also add half a cup to your bathing water to cleanse the vaginal area.

There are several other ways to get rid of excessive vaginal discharge, just choose whichever method best suits you.


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