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Acne scars are the lasting effects that come from an acne bout and they can be described in relation to the experience one gets after a breath taking movie, a long lasting effect. It is already annoying to have an unexpected pimple (or maybe a few pop up at the same time) but it would have been better if they leave without damaging the skin. The dark marks and the acne scars left behind by the acne makes the whole scenario unbearable and extremely annoying. There is no form of magic recognized presently that can just make them go away in an instant, however there are ways to remove them over time as recommended by top dermatologists.

Dark marks and acne scars, what is the difference?

It is baseless trying to treat anything if you do not truly what that thing is, the same goes for acne scars and dark marks, you cannot treat them if you cannot even truly define what they are. Quite a number of patients jumble them both giving them the same meaning, this is wrong as they are different issues when you take and intricate look at them. The dark marks are the purple, brown or red marks which show up after a pimple or blemish disappears.

Dermatologists refer to this as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These could take between 3 to 6 months to disappear on their own, but the good news is you could make the process faster. This can be done by the use of vitamin C serums, retinoids, sunscreens, etc.
Acne scars are however a different phenomenon, they are indentations made permanently on the skin caused by collagen damage resulting from acne. They come in several shapes and sizes, some are so thick that they even stick out of the skin. The only recognized ways of treating these are laser treatments and using temporary dermal fillers. Both dark marks and acne scars are caused by different actions on acne like popping a pimple, the peeling of a healed pimple, damaged blood vessels, etc.
Treating dark marks

As stated earlier the darks marks often leave after a period of time, three to six months and sometimes even more. This might be too long for you to wait so there are a few ways of speeding the process up.
– Sunscreen. Exposure makes the marks more prominent and destroys the collagen layer just beneath, this means that the more exposure, the less likely for the mark to leave. Sunscreens contain anti-inflammatory properties which assist in reducing redness.
– Vitamin C serum. This is an antioxidant which promotes healing by rebuilding the collagen layer.
– Retinoids. This helps skin cells to develop rapidly and thus push out the damages cells.
– Others include, chemical peels, skin brighteners, etc.

Treating acne scars
These are best handled with the help of a dermatologist as the process is carried out by more intense procedures.
– Steroid injections. A steroid shot from your dermatologist can arrest a pimple immediately and flatten any scars it might leave behind.
– Dermal fillers. Some of the scars left behind are actually depressions to the skin surface. The fillers work to elevate any depressions on the skin resulting from acne.
– Others include lasers, punch excisions, mix and match, etc.



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