get rid of dark kneck

What do you think, a bright face and a dark neck? Did I hear you say terrible combo? You are definitely right, mostly we are interested in making our faces glow that we are so carried away with the thought and forget about every other part of our body. When you observe most necks, you will see that they are dull and have a lot of pigments.

If only we give half of the attention we give to our faces to our necks, there might not be a need to write this article. We totally ignore the neck and focus on moisturizing and cleansing our faces because we believe no one actually notices. This is quite harmful as there are lot of dirt accumulates around the neck and these pollutants cause the skin around this area to darken and get damaged with time. In the end we will notice that there are several blemishes and wrinkles around the neck region, this practically makes all the work done to make the face look good useless.

Causes of dark neck
Without gainsaying, the major cause of dark necks is poor hygiene, this is not farfetched. If we maintain proper hygiene around the neck, you will have great results. Asides this there are several other reasons for having a dark neck, some of them include:

– Continual exposure to pollutants especially in the air.
– Exposing the skin to the sun for long periods
– Using skin lotions that are full of chemicals
– Health conditions like diabetes, obesity, fungal infections, eczema, etc. When dark necks are caused by health conditions, the best way to deal with them is to treat the health condition first using the required remedies. Doing that will normally clear the dark necks as well.

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Remedies for dark neck

The following are simple home remedies that can be used to cure dark neck:
1. Using baking soda. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a natural exfoliator and cleanser which is recognized as one of the most potent home remedies for several skin and health issues. This works to get rid of pigmentation around the neck, removes rings and skin patches and ultimately improves the complexion. To use this mixture take the following steps:
a. Mix one part of water with three parts of baking soda such that it forms a thick paste.
b. Apply to the affected area and allow to sit for twenty minutes.
c. Allow to dry and then wash off.
d. For optimal results, do this every other day till you notice a change.

2. Using cucumber. Cucumbers are known to have the ability to regenerate damaged skin cells and remove dead ones. They also add a glow to the skin while being a mild exfoliator. Here is how to harness cucumbers to cure dark necks:
a. Apply the juice or the grated cucumber to the neck area.
b. Scrub gently in circular motion and then allow to stay for about 20 minutes.
c. Rinse off with clean water.
d. Do this daily till you get the desired results.

There are several other remedies, to find them you just need to make some research. Our skins have different measures of sensitivity so if you find out that yours is reacting to one remedy, simply stop and find another. I also recommend you get yourself a good sunscreen to prevent your neck from re-darkening whenever you step out in the sun.

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