blackheads with toothpaste

No matter a person’s age, at some point you probably would have had a blackhead, some us very recently. This can be a source of concern especially if you do not have an idea of what exactly it is or how to go about clearing it off your skin. Simply put, blackheads are dust and dirt particles which have been trapped in the pores of our skin that have been exposed to air, mostly polluted air.

Since there is no layer of skin above the entrapments, there is a tendency for it to develop a black color due to more and more accumulation of dust and other particles. Due to the way the look after full development, most people call them pimples but in reality they are not. Some other more specialized definition state that blackheads develop from the blockage of the hair follicles present on the skin as a result of storage of keratin and other sebum cells. The blockages gradually become black due to exposure to air and oxidation reactions. Basically it is a mixture of oil and bacteria that has blocked the pores on the skin.
Toothpaste is one of the most underestimated skincare remedies of all time. In fact some people do not know any other function of toothpaste asides brushing their teeth. If only they knew that it had the ability to sort out several of their skin problems, they would not have treated it with such disdain. That is just a joke. The ingredients present in toothpaste have the potency to cure several skin issues and blackheads is included. Some the ingredients in toothpaste include triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, mint, menthol, salt, alcohol, clove, etc. Triclosan is an ingredient with antibacterial properties, it is usually present in most body care products and it helps to remove excessive oil and cleanse the skin. Though this article focuses on Colgate, you can make a choice of toothpaste on your own, as long as it has the key ingredients. It is more advisable to use herbal toothpastes or white toothpastes. You should avoid using gels as most skins tend to react adversely to them.

Steps to take in using toothpaste to clear blackheads
1. Choose your toothpaste. In this case we recommend Colgate. Asides this you can use any other herbal, white or mint based toothpaste. As stated earlier ensure to avoid gel based toothpaste. You can take the following steps:
a. Get yourself enough toothpaste, by enough I mean what you think is satisfactory.
b. Apply it to the affected part of the skin
c. Allow to stay for about 10 minutes and wash off with clean water.
d. Dry the area with a clean towel and use some moisturizer if the skin feels too dry.
2. Apply toothpaste after washing the face with clean water. This is another method of using toothpaste to clear blackheads.
a. After washing and drying the face, add some toothpaste to the affected spot.
b. Allow it to dry and then wash off with clean water.
I hope this article has been helpful in offering you a solution to your blackhead problem.


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