Nipples come in several color shades, black, red, pink, light, dark, etc. but in whichever shade they come they are usually beautiful as they usually come in colors complimentary to our skin shade. Observing the different shades you will agree with me that nature did a great job coordinating the different colors to suit a particular skin shade, for example paler skin types sport light or pink nipples and darker shades sporting brown or black nipples. It is simply amazing.

Studies have shown that mostly nipple colors are resultant from hereditary traits even though along the line some issues may occur which could bring about an alteration in their color. This could be a source of concern for several people, especially women as they are pretty sensitive to their body parts and changes that sometimes occur.

Few facts about nipples you should know

Majorly nipples can be either be brown or reddish and it is all a function of the pigments present in them. Women from Southern Asia have dark color nipples while African women predominantly have almost black nipples. Caucasians are known to have reddish or pinkish nipples and areolas. A few studies show that men sort of prefer darker nipples and areolas to lighter ones while other schools of thought believe that the darker nipples are, the more sensuality is likely to be experienced.

Why do nipples get dark?

You should know at this point that nipples being dark is not a result of sickness and it does not necessarily mean a bad thing even though most women see the need to lighten their nipples when darkening is noticed. Few reasons may cause darkening of nipples including pregnancy, breastfeeding, or staying long on medication. When this occurs the question most people need answered is what do they do?

Lightening dark nipples naturally

When you notice darkening and you are not comfortable with it, you do not need to fret or seek drugs, you can fix it naturally from the comfort of your home. Here are a few tips.

  1. Orange juice. This is a very good source of vitamin C which works to reduce pigmentation of the skin. Just apply to the skin and allow to soak them wash off. Some people might feel irritation on their skin after application, if this happens please discontinue the use.
  2. Milk powder, honey, almond oil and lemon juice. Each of these have been used individually to cure several skin conditions for several centuries. You can avail yourself of their power by mixing them together in a bowl, one teaspoon of each except almond oil which is half teaspoon. Apply to the nipple area and allow to soak for 10 – 15 minutes then wash off. Do this repeatedly till the desired result is achieved.
  3. Several other remedies include cucumbers, lemons, honey, arbutin, etc.

Dark nipples are not so bad after all but if you see the need to brighten your nipples you can make use of any of the above stated remedies. They are organic and healthy with almost no side effects except allergies which are peculiar to certain people.





Almond oil

Orange juice

Are you looking for ways to lighten your dark nipples and have a pair of pink nipples. I will show you simple ingredients that you can use to get pink nipples in just 2 days.

Watch Video below to see how to prepare and use.


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