It has always been believed and studies have shown as well that men have great affinity for ladies with more pronounced curves, little wonder why most of our female celebrities keep in shape to ensure that they have great male followership. Ladies nowadays seek to sport bigger butts somewhat like that of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and the likes, in fact many will clear out their accounts to pay just to look like that. So many have given up though believing it to be impossible to grow their backside.

To achieve bigger butts you should understand that it does not come by magic, yes, some are born that way naturally, but if you are not so blessed then it is going to take some effort. It will take a lot eating right, doing the right exercises, and practicing the right living habits to make your butt enhanced and pronounced. To grow a bigger butt you should note that you will need to work hard on grooming your hip muscles and fat. The hip muscles can be divided into three viz, the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus. To get a bigger, firmer and rounder butt you will need to consider adding some fat to the muscles you are developing.

Growing your butt


Take time to work on building your hip muscles, let’s briefly see a few exercises:

  1. Glute bridges. This is great for warming up the butt muscles. Take the following steps:
    1. Lie face up with your apart, say the distance of your hip.
    2. Place some weight on your pelvic area.
    3. Lift you pelvis from the floor and lower it in same manner, repeat about 20 times.
  2. Plie squat. Take the following steps:
    1. Stand upright with the feet spread shoulder length apart.
    2. Ensure the toes are pointing outwards and put the hands forward for balance.
    3. Gradually lower the body till the buttocks are just above the feet.
    4. Tightly squeeze the thighs and glutes while returning to position.


To ensure the effectiveness of the above exercises, you will need to change your diet a bit to accommodate more protein that will help in body building. You should also consider carbs and micronutrients as well.


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