Get Bigger Boobs Naturally


We cannot deny how much the size of our boobs affect our general self esteem. The ones with sizeable boobs walk with a lot of confidence but where does this leave the ones whose boobs are not as sizeable?
They say the breast size is majorly genetic. This means asides surgery, there’s little you could do to change the size of your boobs. However, this little could actually go a long way. There’s nothing to be ashamed of about wanting fuller breasts, and it’s possible to get it with the right lifestyle and diet. Underneath all the tissue in your boobs, there’s a part known as the pectoral muscles that could enhance the boobs with exercises and yoga. Carrying out exercises have an effect on the pectoral muscles – it strengthens and tones them. The right foods could also help repair the breast tissues and cause them to increase in size overtime while herbs could enlarge the size.

Ways To Naturally  Enhance Boob Size


Exercise goes a long way when it comes to enhancing the boob size. There actually are exercises known as breast enhancement exercises,  they could cause your breasts to appear bigger. They don’t cause the boobs to grow, they just cause it look bigger.  The exercises work on the muscles below the breast, not the breast itself. There are quite a lot of them. We’ll talk about a few :


Pushups have generally been used to boost the triceps. But did you know it also goes to work on the pectoral muscles, the muscles located below the breasts? It’s not an easy activity, but it’ll be worth it when you look in the mirror and notice the changes in the appearance of your boobs. You could begin with doing ten pushups twice – its more appropriately called two sets of ten pushups. You could increase the number you work with as you get used to it.
If you cannot handle the normal pushups, then you could do wall pushups. They’re same thing, except that you’ll be doing the latter on the wall. Since it’s easier to do, you could begin at four sets, still ten times each though.

Dumbbell Flys

All you need to do to get this done is lay on a flat furniture – bench, chair or table, with a dumbell in both hands, raised slightly above the shoulders and your elbows bent slightly.
There are other activities you could carry out with dumbbells like chest press with dumbbells, dumbbell bench press, inclined dumbbell bench press. Take note that the dumbbells you use should be one that you find easy to lift. Stick to these easy exercises, they’re highly effective.

Breast Massage

Apart from the wonderful feel a breast massage brings, it does boost your breast size. How? Well, during a breast massage, a hormone known as prolactin is produced. Prolactin is a hormone that promotes the increase in the size of the boobs. Giving yourself a breast massage for thirty minutes everyday could make a whole lot of difference.

How do you carry out a breast massage?

There are different ways to give yourself a breast massage. Let’s see a few of them :

 Chi Massage

The Chi massage is the easiest breast enhancing massage, it’s also the most effective. To carry this out, you simply need to lay on a bed. Rub your palms together so heat is generated, this heat when in contact with the breasts, improve blood circulation. Then, place each hand on each breast and have them cupped and completely supported. Once this is established, get the breasts moving in a circular motion, applying just the right pressure. Keep on for ten minutes.

Fat Transfer Massage /Skin Brushing

The name gives an idea what this massage is about. Oh yes, you actually can “transfer “ fat from one part of your body to another. This kind is majorly used to increase the breast fat while reducing belly fat. Generate heat with your palms and have them come in contact with the breasts for over five times before beginning. Then, with your palms, “sweep” the fat from your belly to your breasts. You could use coconut oil to moisturize if you want.
A boob massage is an excellent way to also check for lumps. It’s a win-win, right?


You probably had no idea, but there are certain foods that can increase the size of your boobs. They are majorly foods that are rich in estrogen and phyto-estrogen.

Estrogen is a female hormone which is responsible for breast growth amidst other functions. It is true that the female body naturally produces this hormone. However, to increase the presence of estrogen in the body and boost breast size, it is good that you consume estrogenic-rich foods. Examples of foods like that includes : milk, cheese, apple, cherry, plum, yogurt, fenugreeks, rice, wheat, barley, chickpeas, cucumbers etc.
Phyto-estrogen stands in when estrogen levels are not as high and also helps to increase breast size. Foods that contain the hormone includes : soy, green and black tea, chestnuts, walnuts, cases, peaches, strawberries, flax seeds, raspberries, red and white wine, green beans etc
Protein rich foods will also repairs cells and tissue while creating new ones. These cells and tissues include the ones in the breast. It also contributes to hormone production which boosts breast growth. Foods that contain protein include eggs, salmon, chicken, beef, chia seeds etc.

Gain Some Weight
I know I know, we want to lose weight not gain them. This however is one of most guaranteed natural ways to get bigger boobs, especially if you’re thin. You don’t have to gain so much, just a little would go a long way. The breasts, thighs and stomach are one of the first places a weight gain reflects. All you have to do is eat foods with fat like cookies, cheese, chocolates etc. Eat what you love though so you don’t feel forced.


We all thought yoga only helped us meditate, improve posture and build muscles. Apparently, it tones those muscles located below the boobs and causes them to get stronger overtime. One yoga exercise you especially should try out is the cobra pose. It boosts the strength of the chest muscles, causing the boobs to appear larger.

Breast enhancement herbs

Breast enlargement herbs do exist, in their numbers! Some are made to enhance the growth of the boobs while others made to stimulate the tissues of the breast. Fenugreek, fennel and saw palmetto are popular examples of herbs that can improve the breast size. They contain estrogens, phyto-estrogens and some diosgenin, all hormones that are responsible for increase in the boob size.


I get that this is a hobby for you and that’s even better! We all love to swim. Add the fact that it enhances the boobs and cause them to appear bigger, and we would all totally fall in love with the exercise. Swimming works the pectoral muscles in the water, causing the boobs to get perkier and more attractive. Now that you know, what are you waiting for to get a swim? Go on right away!

Each of these methods are effective and easy to carry out. It only takes a little discipline.
Which would you be trying out first? Let us know in the comment section.


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