Fruit juices to take while pregnant


First off, congratulations on starting out the journey to motherhood. We’re sure you’re excited and can’t wait to welcome the little one into the world.
You may have already begun to do your research on pregnancy habits and routines. Of course you do not want to get anything wrong at the expense of your child’s health and yours.
We’re sure you may be confused as different opinions and advices hover round the Internet and you’re not sure which to go for. We can assure you though, pregnancy isn’t just about adding calories and doing exercises or yoga regularly.
Eating healthy is another suggestion you may have learned but have you essentially learned what you should and should not take?
In this article, we’ll try our best to show you what juices are healthy and nourishing during the period of your pregnancy. A glass of juice that is healthy fills you up for a while, provides important nutrients and makes you glow.
If you’re wondering what juices you should take, we’ve written down a few for you.

Healthy Juices to Take During Pregnancy

Apple Juice

A glass of apple juice will keep you healthy and refreshed. Plus, it’s always sweet. You get to eat healthy and still eat sweet stuff. Apples are full of nutrients and minerals. Apple juice is one of the best juices recommended during pregnancy by the doctors.
Apple juice will help curb your weight gain while also helping developing the brain of your brain. It also boosts the immunity and helps handle sleep disorders.
Plus, it’s a great source of iron and thus helps protect your from anaemia during pregnancy.

Here’s a recipe :

• Get three apples from the store
• Peel the skins off of each of the fruits
• Boil them and then allow them to cool afterwards
• After cooling, put them in a blender and let them blend for a minute.
• Pour the liquid into a glass and add a little lime juice to it
• Place it in a fridge and let it stay for one hour. Drink it when it’s cold.

Guava Juice

Guava is useful in both prevention and cure. For example, it is useful in dealing with bowel problems like constipation.

You’ll need:

• Two guavas
• Ginger juice
• Lemon juice
• Two tablespoons of sugar

What you should do:

• Start by boiling the guavas in water
• Next, allow it to cool down
• Put the fruits in a blender and prepare the juice. Add the lemon juice and ginger.
• After blending, add some ice cubes to the drink and serve fresh.

Grape Juice

Grapes, though tangy can be great for your taste buds.

Here’s how to make it:

• Take five hundred grams of grapes and have them crushed
• Add to the blender and let it blend for a minute
• It should’ve become juice by the time you’re done blending. Pour it out and put in a fridge.
• Add a dash of lime and serve cold.

Beet Juice

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Four carrots
• Two beets
• One apple

Here’s how to make it:

• Chop the beets, apple and carrots into bits and put them in a blender
• Pour the juice out into a glass and add some ice into it
• Serve immediately.
• You could drink this three times a week.

Banana And Honey Juice

This is probably the healthiest fruit juice to go for during pregnancy. Combining yoghurt, honey and banana is an amazing mixture and is perfect for an afternoon drink.

What you’ll need:

• One ripe banana
• A tablespoon of honey
• Half a cup of milk
• Half a cup of curd

How to make it:

• Mix the ingredients and put it a blender till it smoothens out.
• Add some ice cubes and pour it out into a glass
• Drink it when it’s cold

Strawberry Juice

Strawberry juice is another healthy fruit juice recommended for pregnant women.
Strawberries are filled with antioxidants that help boost the body’s immunity, to help it fight against foreign bodies and pathogens. It is also useful for helping the skin stay glowing.
Strawberries also contain folates that help build up the baby’s immune system.

How to make it:

• Start by rinsing the strawberries with cool water
• Chop them into bits and place 8n a blender so that you get a smooth puree
• When you get the puree, pour it out and add a few ice cubes
• Drink immediately.

Carrot Juice

Carrot is a nutritious vegetable and is great for pregnant women.
They’re high in calcium and help develop teeth and bones of the baby.
It’s also a great source of betacarotene, vitamin A and vitamin C. These act as an antioxidant, helping fight against free radicals and boost the body’s immunity.
The vegetable has phytochemicals that help promote normal functioning of the body.

How to make carrot juice:

• Clean the carrots and wash them properly
• Cut into tiny piece and put in a juicer or blender
• After they’ve been blended, pour the juice in a jug and serve

Orange Juice

Orange juice are a great source of folates and of course Vitamin C. The vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and fights free radical damage while boosting the immunity of your system.
Oranges also contain zinc and iron which additionally helps to enhance the immune system. Research reveals that orange juice may be useful in the reduction of infant allergic diseases.
It’s also been found that it helps in the formation of fresh red blood cells and tissues. Additionally, it plays a role in developing the placenta in pregnant women.

How to make orange juice:

• Simply peel the oranges and put it a blender.
• You could also use a juicer
• Strain and add some ice cubes or refrigerate.
• Drink afterwards

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another great source of vitamin C and contains antioxidants that help protect the body from damage.
It’s especially important to help manage your high blood pressure and bowel movement during pregnancy. It is known to also help deal with bowel problems like constipation or indigestion.

How to make lemon juice:

• Take two lemons and have them juiced with a juicer.
• If you can’t use a juicer, try squeezing the lemons with your hands into a glass.
• You can some sugar or salt to the juice and it’s ready for consumption.


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