What you are about to read might possibly be the end of cosmetic surgery if everyone out there were to have access to it. Everyone sure wants to look younger and have a wrinkle-free face, most resort to using very expensive beauty products and others just go for cosmetic surgical procedures, even though both methods are known to have side effects on the long run.

Did you know that with simple facial exercises you can remove wrinkles, strengthen saggy cheeks and eyes, sculpt your neckline properly, etc. and all these can be achieved in less than a week with a consistent 8 minute routine daily. Studies show that with consistent facial exercise, one will definitely look younger and have a more radiant skin. Trying to imagine what questions you must be asking in your mind, what exactly is facial exercise and how can I carry it out. Facial exercise is simply working the facial muscles against some resistance, say the force of the fingers via massage technique.

There are several exercises that can be carried out on the face, each with its specific functions and results. In other words, every exercise is targeted at achieving a certain result, consistently indulging in a series of these will provide you with the perfect face you desire without having to use botox.

Strengthening saggy cheeks

With age, the cheek area tends to look weak and saggy, and this has caused several women to seek botox or just go for surgery. This exercise helps to strengthen the saggy cheeks by lifting the facial muscles sufficiently and also fill the hollows under the eyes.

To carry out this exercise put your index fingers on each cheek lightly then smile with the middle of the upper lip. As you do, think of the expression “ewww” just as if you perceived an offensive smell, all the while ensure the upper lip is pulled against the teeth. Ensure the lips are separated while doing this, repeat this about 20 times.


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