Foods you didn’t know were high in sugar


We always learn that consuming so much sugar is unhealthy. So, daily we keep trying to cut our sugar intake and eat healthier food.
Sugar is one of the leading causes of weight gain as it contains high calorie content and has high impacts on both blood sugar and insulin levels.
Sugar also quickens aging and increases inflammation in the body. This is linked with numerous health issues like metabolic disorders, cardiovascular problems and cancer.
But did you know a huge percentage of the sugar we eat is often from foods we didn’t know contained high amounts of sugar?
Sugar has practically crept into every fibre of food we eat today that it’s gradually becoming impossible to avoid.
We’ll be listing some of the foods you thought didn’t have so much sugar and showing you how wrong you were
We would not be surprised if you had no idea they contained a lot of sugar. Worse, these are foods you practically eat everyday.

Foods You didn’t know contain tons of sugar

Canned or packaged fruit

Firstly, not everything labeled as fruit is healthy. Did you know that packaged or canned fruits have high sugar contents? Yes, even the ones with labels that say “made with real fruits “! This includes fruit chillers and even apple sauce. Most of these packaged or canned fruits contain sugar of twenty grams and above7,almost as much sugar as a chocolate candy bar.

Fruit juice

We often think of fruit juice as “healthy “. However, this is not the case as its sugar content can be overwhelming. Grape juice for example, an eight ounce glass of the juice has over 35 grams of sugar! Even apple juice contains thirty two grams of sugar in a ten ounce bottle.
We know what you’re thinking, what about the ones labeled 100% natural juice or maybe natural sugars ? Same thing! Just keep in mind that juice always has over the top sugar content. What’s worse is that it’s not filling and will certainly not curb your hunger. Instead of going for fruit juices, it’s best to go for fresh fruit and eat everything, not just its juice. Eating the flesh adds fibre so that it improves bowel movement and helps you stay full. Make no mistake, it’ll have sugar too, but at least there will be nutrients and fibre, making it a better choice.

Flavoured yogurt

You know how you always think all yoghurt provides great nourishment to the body? That’s not true. Greek yoghurt, for example, has a high calcium and protein content and is ideal to be smacked on or used in a meal as an ingredient.
However, when you choose to go a flavoured yoghurt, you’re invariably going to be consuming twenty grams of sugar. An unflavoured yoghurt would not contain as much sugar.
A six ounce container of yoghurt that is fruit-flavoured is filled with about twenty six grams of sugar. No, this is majorly added sugar, not natural sugar!
Now, when it’s a two fruit-flavoured yoghurts, you have two chocolate glazed doughnuts right there!

Ketchup and Tomato Sauce

Everyone uses ketchup. It’s in almost every home as it’s added to almost everything. However, the one that is tomato-based has tons of sugar. A tablespoon of ketchup practically equals a teaspoon of sugar! Now, think about how much ketchup you use and imagine how many teaspoons of sugar you literally eat. Most people eat up to four or even five tablespoons of ketchup, that means there getting five teaspoons of sugar.
If you’re wondering what alternative to go for, you could use mustard instead of ketchup, save yourself from the tons of sugar.

Low Fat Foods

You probably squinted when you got to this part. Shocking, yes?
In the 90s, the craze for low-fat diet was at an all time high. There were lots of low-fat products hitting the grocery stores and people readily went for them. But you see, when fat is taken out of the food, it often has a crappy taste. So, what these manufacturers did to make the taste great is ADD MORE SUGAR. If you’re purchasing a low fat product, be rest assured that it’s going to come with a high sugar content. So what exactly is the point trying to run from foods high in fat when you embrace high sugar? They contain tons of calories too.
To steer clear from all the mess, it’s best to go for natural ingredients with the full fat content, it’s better than going for low fat products.

Breakfast Foods

We hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know that most of the breakfast foods you purchase at the mall or the grocery store is packed with sugar? Take cereals, for example, or even oatmeal, they are labeled as healthy but they have so much sugar in them it’s literally scary. Instead of the instant breakfast foods, go for veggies and whole eggs. You can even make a protein shake, have coconut milk and berries.

Salad Dressing

Salad is healthy food. It’s a great way to boost health as you’ll be consuming vegetables. It’s often used by vegans and folks who are on a diet but did you know that you could be in the way of your weight loss with the salad dressing you’re using? Majority of the salad dressings available often contain high fructose corn syrup or some other kind of sweetener.
Instead of going for dressing that is store bought, we advise that you learn to make yours. You could use fresh herbs, avocado oil and vinegar. If you do go for a store bought dressing, start with reading the labels first.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a go-to when you want a sandwich. However, lots of them have high sugar content. It’s especially worse when it is flavoured with chocolate, cinnamon or honey.
Now, we’re not staying you should completely flee from peanut butter, we advise that you make sure you don’t have it everyday as it could potentially destroy your diet.


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